Companion to the Roman Republic

Rosenstein, Nathan
Date published: 
July 2006

This Companion provides an authoritative and up-to-date overview of Roman Republican history as it is currently practiced. The volume takes account of recent developments which have enriched our picture of the Republic. These include the continuing archaeological exploration of Italy, increasingly sophisticated approaches to textual sources, and the opening up of new areas of historical study and debate such as the nature of the Republican political system, Roman identity formation, representation of the body, collective memory, and demography and social structure. At the same time, the book retains the drama of the Republic's rise and fall. The Companion is divided into three parts. The opening section emphasizes both the evidence of texts and physical remains, and the models and assumptions that scholars bring to these artefacts. This section includes coverage of the role played by the physical geography and environment of Italy. The second part offers a compact but detailed narrative of military and political developments from the birth of Rome through to the death of Julius Caesar; while the third and longest part highlights recent research and current controversies in the field.