The Arte Militaire: The Application of 17th Century Military Manuals to Conflict Archaeology

Louth, Warwick
Date published: 
August 2016

Military Manuals have been extensively used as a source, but only recently has their potential to conflict archaeology been recognised. Using correlated GIS, landscape archaeology, metal detecting, military knowledge and experimental archaeology, we can better understand the limitations and strengths drill books provide us. This study examines the extent individual drill can be identified in the archaeological record and to what level and extent this can be applied to predictive modelling of artefact collections on battlefields. Louth attempts to actively break down how drill leaves material remains and the archaeological means these might be studied. This work also attempts to investigate whether such manuals can be used to dictate the survivability of 17th century fortifications. The Arte Militaire is unique in not merely showing how military manuals were used, but rather how they can still be utilised and seen within the historical landscape.