The Bavarian Army During The Thirty Years War, 1618-1648. The Backbone Of The Catholic League'

Spring, Laurence
Date published: 
March 2017

The Bavarian Army has been overshadowed by those of Gustavus Adolphus’ and Wallenstein’s armies, but it was one of only a few armies to have fought throughout the Thirty Years War – first as part of the Catholic League and then as an independent army after the Peace of Prague. Among the generals of the Bavarian Army were Count Johan von Tilly and Gottfried von Pappenheim, who are two of the most famous generals of the war. This book covers not only the Bavarian Army’s organisation, but also has chapters on recruitment, officers, clothing, weaponry, pay and rations of a soldier during the Thirty Years War. As well as life and death in the army, this book also looks at the women who accompanied it. Using archival and archaeological evidence to throw new light on the subject, the author has used several memoirs written by those who served in the army during the war – including Peter Hagendorf, who served in Pappenheim’s Regiment of Foot from 1627 until the regiment was disbanded after the war. Hagendorf’s vivid account is unique, because not only is it a full explanation of the life of a common soldier during the war, but it also records the human side of campaign – including the death of his two wives and all but two of his children. This book is essential reading to anyone interested in the wars of the early 17th century – not just the Thirty Years War.