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Dr. Manuel Covo
Assistant Prof. of North American History, Warwick, Department of History
Research interests: History of the Caribbean and North America in the Atlantic world.
Dr. Covadonga Meseguer
Sen. Lecturer in Int. Rel., London: London School of Economics, Department of International Relations
Research interests: International political economy; political economy of development; regional specialisation in Latin America.
Professor Joanna M. Innes
Prof. of Mod. History, Oxford, Somerville College
Research interests: British social policy 1688-1840; re-imagining 'democracy' as a modern concept; Europe and Americas, 1750-1800.
Mr. Malcolm D. Deas
Oxford, St. Antony's College
Research interests: Colombia.
Dr. Henrice Altink
Sen. Lecturer in Mod. History, York, Department of History
Research interests: Slavery and emancipation; race relations in the Americas; Caribbean social and gender history, 1865-1980.
Dr. Paul Henderson
Princ. Lecturer, Wolverhampton, School of Law, Social Sciences and Communications
Professor Richard H. Harding
Prof. of Organisational History, Westminster, Faculty of Business and Management (Harrow)
Research interests: Naval and maritime history.
Professor Colin C. Eldridge
Emeritus Prof. of History, Trinity St. David, Department of History
Research interests: British empire and Commonwealth history; literature of imperialism.
Dr. Ben Schiller
Sen. Lecturer, Teesside, History Subject Group
Research interests: Slavery and the American tropics.
Dr. Christer Petley
Sen. Lecturer in History, Southampton, Department of History
Research interests: Slavery and abolition; the Atlantic world; colonial societies.
Professor Barbara J. Bush
Prof., Sheffield Hallam, Division of Education and Humanitites
Research interests: History of the African diaspora; gender, race and empire in the 20th c..
Dr. Caroline Dodds Pennock
Lecturer in Int. History, Sheffield, Department of History
Research interests: Aztec, Spanish American and Atlantic history.
Professor Ian R. Phimister
Prof. of Int. History, Sheffield, Department of History
Research interests: The City of London and British overseas investment, 1890-1940.
Dr. Nicholas Morton
Lecturer in Med. History, Nottingham Trent, Department of History and Heritage
Research interests: Military orders and crusading.
Professor Benjamin Smith
Assoc. Prof. of Latin American History, Warwick, Department of History
Research interests: Modern Mexican history, esp. post-revolutionary state formation and religion and popular conservatism.
Professor David Lambert
Prof. of Caribbean History, Warwick, Department of History
Research interests: Caribbean and Atlantic histories; British imperialism, exploration and cartography in the 'long' 19th c.; counterfactual histories; histories of Whiteness; historical geography.
Dr. Carrie Hamilton
Reader, Roehampton, History Programme
Research interests: Gender history; history of sexuality; oral history; histories of revolution and political violence.
Professor Camillia Cowling
Assistant Prof. of History, Warwick, Department of History
Research interests: Slavery and abolition in the Americas and Atlantic world, specifically Brazil and Cuba.
Professor Rebecca A. Earle
Prof. of History, Warwick, Department of History
Research interests: Race, history and national identity in 19th c. Spanish America; clothing industry; history of food.
Dr. Jane L. Webster
Sen. Lecturer in History Archaeol., Newcastle upon Tyne, Department of Archaeology
Research interests: Historical archaeology, esp. the study of colonialism.
Dr. Diana Paton
Reader in Caribbean History, Newcastle upon Tyne, School of Historical Studies
Research interests: Comparative slavery; slave emancipation; 18th-19th c. Anglophone Caribbean; gender.