English Historical Review articles

Volume 131 (548)

The Secular Clergy in England, 1066-1216, by Hugh M. Thomas
Pohl, B., vol. 131 (548): 147-148
York: The Making of a City, 1068-1350, by Sarah Rees Jones
Schofield, P., vol. 131 (548): 149-150
Portugalia Pontificia: Materials for the History of Portugal and the Papacy, by Peter Linehan
De Faria, T. V., vol. 131 (548): 150-152
English Episcopal Acta, 43: Coventry and Lichfield, 1215-1256, and English Episcopal Acta, 44: Coventry and Lichfield, 1258-1295, ed. J.H. Denton and Philippa M. Hoskin
Barrow, J., vol. 131 (548): 153-154
Edward II: The Unconventional King, by Kathryn Warner * Eleanor of Castile: The Shadow Queen, by Sara Cockerill
Spencer, A. M., vol. 131 (548): 154-156
Muslims of Medieval Latin Christendom, c.1050-1614, by Brian A. Catlos
AlbarrAn, J., vol. 131 (548): 156-158
Spiritual Rationality: Papal Embargo as Cultural Practice, by Stefan K. Stantchev
Tyerman, C. J., vol. 131 (548): 158-160
Holy Matter: Changing Perceptions of the Material World in Late Medieval Christianity, by Sara Ritchey
Peters, C., vol. 131 (548): 160-162
Poder politico y sociedad en Castilla: Siglos XIII al XV. Seleccion de estudios, by Miguel Angel Ladero Quesada
HernAndez, F. J., vol. 131 (548): 162-164
The Gattilusio Lordships and the Aegean World, 1355-1462, by Christopher Wright
Jacoby, D., vol. 131 (548): 164-166
Die Lebenswelt des europäischen Spätmittelalters: Kleine Schicksale selbst erzählt in Schreiben an den Papst, by Arnold Esch
DAvray, D. L., vol. 131 (548): 166-168
Pilgrim and Preacher: The Audiences and Observant Spirituality of Friar Felix Fabri (1437/8-1502), by Kathryne Beebe
Maglaque, E., vol. 131 (548): 168-170
Machiavelli: A Portrait, by Christopher S. Celenza
Black, R., vol. 131 (548): 170-172
Archbishop Pole, by John Edwards
Berenguer, G. V., vol. 131 (548): 172-174
Royal Priesthood in the English Reformation, by Malcolm B. Yarnell III
Wooding, L., vol. 131 (548): 174-175
The Dutch Revolt and Catholic Exile in Reformation Europe, by Geert H. Janssen
Machielsen, J., vol. 131 (548): 176-177
Shakespeares Medieval Craft: Remnants of the Mysteries on the London Stage, by Kurt A. Schreyer
Groves, B., vol. 131 (548): 177-179
Forensic Shakespeare, by Quentin Skinner
Raffield, P., vol. 131 (548): 179-181
Catholic Reformation in Protestant Britain, by Alexandra Walsham
Kelly, J. E., vol. 131 (548): 181-183
The Ashgate Research Companion to Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe, ed. Allyson M. Poska, Jane Couchman and Katherine A. McIver
Flather, A., vol. 131 (548): 183-184
Acta Pacis Westphalicae, Serie II A, Band 9: Die kaiserlichen Korrespondenzen Mai-August 1648, ed. Stefanie Fraedrich-Nowag
Whaley, J., vol. 131 (548): 184-186
The English Civil War: A Military History, by Peter Gaunt
Hopper, A., vol. 131 (548): 186-187
The Nature of the English Revolution Revisited: Essays in Honour of John Morrill, ed. Stephen Taylor and Grant Tapsell
Vallance, T., vol. 131 (548): 187-189
Military Engineers and the Development of the Early-Modern State, ed. Bruce P. Lenman
Childs, J., vol. 131 (548): 189-191
Absolute Monarchy on the Frontiers: Louis XIVs Military Occupations of Lorraine and Savoy, by Phil McCluskey
Doyle, W., vol. 131 (548): 191-193
The Final Crisis of the Stuart Monarchy: The Revolutions of 1688-91 in their British, Atlantic and European Contexts, ed. Tim Harris and Stephen Taylor
Knights, M., vol. 131 (548): 193-194
The Financial Decline of a Great Power: War, Influence, and Money in Louis XIVs France, by Guy Rowlands
Swann, J., vol. 131 (548): 194-196
Paris ou Versailles? La monarchie absolue entre deux capitales 1715-1723, by Laurent Lemarchand
Doyle, W., vol. 131 (548): 196-198
Jacobitism, Enlightenment and Empire, 1680-1820, ed. Allan I. Macinnes and Douglas J. Hamilton
Glickman, G., vol. 131 (548): 198-200
The 'Perpetual Fair: Gender, Disorder and Urban Amusement in Eighteenth-Century London, by Anne Wohlcke
Falcini, L., vol. 131 (548): 200-201
Brotherly Love: Freemasonry and Male Friendship in Enlightenment France, by Kenneth Loiselle
Andress, D., vol. 131 (548): 202-203
Bookscape: Geographies of Printing and Publishing in London before 1800, by James Raven
Sher, R. B., vol. 131 (548): 204-205
Rebellious Prussians: Urban Political Culture under Frederick the Great and his Successors, by Florian Schui
Biskup, T., vol. 131 (548): 205-207
The Scottish Town in the Age of the Enlightenment, 1740-1820, by Bob Harris and Charles McKean
Rodger, R., vol. 131 (548): 208-209
Geburtsaristokratie in Frankfurt am Main: Geschichte des reichsstädtischen Patriziats, by Andreas Hansert
Whaley, J., vol. 131 (548): 210-212
Public Pantheons in Revolutionary Europe: Comparing Cultures of Remembrance, c.1790-1840, by Eveline G. Bouwers
Rapport, M., vol. 131 (548): 212-214
Informal Justice in England and Wales, 1760-1914, by Stephen Banks
Shoemaker, R. B., vol. 131 (548): 214-215
Saint-Simonians in Nineteenth-Century France: From Free Love to Algeria, by Pamela Pilbeam
Abi-Mershed, O., vol. 131 (548): 216-217
Reinventing the Reformation in the Nineteenth Century: A Cultural History, ed. Peter Nockles and Vivienne Westbrook
Walsham, A., vol. 131 (548): 217-220
The International Exhibition of 1862: The Illustrated Catalogue of the Industrial Department * Fleeting Cities: Imperial Expositions in Fin-de-Siecle Europe, by Alexander C.T. Geppert * Exhibitions and the Development of Modern Planning Culture, ed. Rober
Whyte, W., vol. 131 (548): 220-223