European History Quarterly articles

Volume 43 (2)

Michael R Ebner, Ordinary Violence in Mussolini's Italy
Morgan, P., vol. 43 (2): 355-356
Sharif Gemie, Fiona Reid and Laure Humbert, with Louise Ingram, Outcast Europe: Refugees and Relief Workers in an Era of Total War, 1936-1948
Gatrell, P., vol. 43 (2): 356-357
Katy Gibbons, English Catholic Exiles in Late Sixteenth-Century Paris
Lux-Sterritt, L., vol. 43 (2): 358-359
Wendy Z Goldman, Inventing the Enemy: Denunciation and Terror in Stalin's Russia
King, F., vol. 43 (2): 359-361
Johan den Hertog and Samuel Kruizinga, eds, Caught in the Middle: Neutrals, Neutrality and the First World War
Abbenhuis, M., vol. 43 (2): 361-363
Beatrice Heuser, ed., The Strategy Makers: Thoughts on War and Society from Machiavelli to Clausewitz
Sumida, J., vol. 43 (2): 363-364
Sophie Heywood, Catholicism and Children's Literature in France: The Comtesse de Segur (1799-1874)
Logan, O., vol. 43 (2): 364-366
Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann, ed., Human Rights in the Twentieth Century
Keys, B., vol. 43 (2): 366-367
Martyn Housden and David J Smith, eds, Forgotten Pages in Baltic History: Diversity and Inclusion
Kasekamp, A., vol. 43 (2): 367-369
Daniel Hucker, Public Opinion and the End of Appeasement in Britain and France
O'Riordan, E., vol. 43 (2): 369-371
Janet Jacobs, Memorializing the Holocaust: Gender, Genocide and Collective Memory
Niven, B., vol. 43 (2): 371-372
Alastair Kocho-Williams, ed., The Twentieth-Century Russia Reader
Gilbert, G., vol. 43 (2): 373-374
Victor Leontovitsch, The History of Liberalism in Russia
Gilbert, G., vol. 43 (2): 374-376
John A Marino, Becoming Neapolitan: Citizen Culture in Baroque Naples
Gentilcore, D., vol. 43 (2): 376-377
Jonathan Marwil, Visiting Modern War in Risorgimento Italy
Sutcliffe, M. P., vol. 43 (2): 377-379
Josie McLellan, Love in the Time of Communism: Intimacy and Sexuality in the GDR
Harris, V., vol. 43 (2): 379-381
Fyodor Vasilevich Mochulsky, ed. and trans. Deborah Kaple, Gulag Boss: A Soviet Memoir
Whitewood, P., vol. 43 (2): 381-382
Markus Moesslang, Chris Manias and Torsten Riotte, eds, British Envoys to Germany 1816-1866. Vol IV: 1851-1866
Brown, D., vol. 43 (2): 382-384
William David Myers, Death and a Maiden: Infanticide and the Tragical History of Grethe Schmidt
Harrington, J. F., vol. 43 (2): 384-385
Gyorgy Peteri, ed., Imagining the West in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
Csipke, Z., vol. 43 (2): 386-387
Anita Prazmowska, Poland: A Modern History
Kemp-Welch, A., vol. 43 (2): 387-389
Luigi Reale, Mussolini's Concentration Camps for Civilians: An Insight into the Nature of Fascist Racism
Morgan, P., vol. 43 (2): 389-390
Keith Robbins, ed., Political and Legal Perspectives: The Dynamics of Religious Reform in Northern Europe 1780-1920; Joris Van Eijnatten and Paula Yates, eds, The Churches: The Dynamics of Religious Reform in Northern Europe 1780-1920
Snape, M., vol. 43 (2): 390-393
John Rodden, Dialectics, Dogmas and Dissent: Stories from East German Victims of Human Rights Abuse
Maddrell, P., vol. 43 (2): 393-395
Erin Kathleen Rowe, Saint and Nation: Santiago, Teresa of Avila, and Plural Identities in Early Modern Spain
Kamen, H., vol. 43 (2): 395-396
Michael Seidman, The Victorious Counterrevolution: The Nationalist Effort in the Spanish Civil
Anderson, P., vol. 43 (2): 396-398
Lawrence Sondhaus, World War One: The Global Revolution
Gooch, J., vol. 43 (2): 398-399
Zara Steiner, The Triumph of the Dark: European International History 1933-1939
Lak, M., vol. 43 (2): 399-401
David Stevenson, With Our Backs to the Wall: Victory and Defeat in 1918
Watson, A., vol. 43 (2): 401-403
Joan Hinde Stewart, The Enlightenment of Age: Women, Letters and Growing Old in Eighteenth-Century France
Hufton, O., vol. 43 (2): 403-405
Matthias Strohn, The German Army and the Defence of the Reich: Military Doctrine and the Conduct of the Defensive Battle, 1918-1939
Mulligan, W., vol. 43 (2): 405-407
Peter Thaler, Of Mind and Matter: The Duality of National Identity in the German-Danish Borderlands
Bjork, J., vol. 43 (2): 407-409
Wendy Ugolini, Experiencing War as the 'Enemy Other': Italian Scottish Experience in World War II
Shaffer, R., vol. 43 (2): 409-410
Helmut Walser Smith, ed., The Oxford Handbook of Modern German History
Jefferies, M., vol. 43 (2): 410-412
S Jonathan Wiesen, Creating the Nazi Marketplace: Commerce and Consumption in the Third Reich
Harris, V., vol. 43 (2): 412-414
Anthony D Wright, The Divisions of French Catholicism, 1629-1645. 'The Parting of the Ways'
Logan, O., vol. 43 (2): 414-415
Erik J Zurcher, The Young Turk Legacy and Nation Building: From Ottoman Empire to Ataturk's Turkey
Hakim, C., vol. 43 (2): 415-416

Volume 43 (1)

The Invention of a Hero: Lajos Kossuth in England (1851)
Lada, Z., vol. 43 (1): 5-26
An Old Empire in a New Order: The Global Designs of the Dutch Nazi Party, 1931-1942
Foray, J. L., vol. 43 (1): 27-52
Monarchy and Nation in Italy at the End of the Nineteenth Century: A Unique Form of Politicization?
Brice, C., vol. 43 (1): 53-72