Journal of the History of Collections articles

Volume 28 (2)

Un museo di antichita nella Padova del cinquecento. La raccolta di Marco Mantova Benavides allUniversita di Padova
Wiegel, H., vol. 28 (2): 345-346
The Power of Gifts. Gift-Exchange in Early Modern England
Howarth, D., vol. 28 (2): 346-347
Bryan Faussett: Antiquary Extraordinary
MacGregor, A., vol. 28 (2): 347-348
The Cobbe Cabinet of Curiosities: An Anglo-Irish Country House Museum
Waterfield, G., vol. 28 (2): 348-349
The Duchesss Shells. Natural History Collecting in the Age of Cooks Voyages
Sloan, K., vol. 28 (2): 349-350
Men of Taste. Essays on Art Collecting in East-Central Europe
Evans, M., vol. 28 (2): 351-352
The Pitt Rivers Museum. A World Within
Bouquet, M., vol. 28 (2): 352-354
British Models of Art Collecting and the American Response. Reflections Across the Pond
Brilliant, V., vol. 28 (2): 354-356
Books Received
vol. 28 (2): 357-357

Volume 28 (1)

Collecting and replicating antiquities: casts, substitutions, and the culture of the copy in the Quattrocento
Clark, L. R., vol. 28 (1): 1-13
'Nummus aliquantulum suspectus: the counterfeit coins of the Tux collection (1715-1798) at the University of Tubingen
Krmnicek, S., vol. 28 (1): 15-25
The artist as collector: Francois Boucher (1703-1770)
Priebe, J., vol. 28 (1): 27-42
The Stafford Gallery at Cleveland House and the 2nd Marquess of Stafford as a collector
Humfrey, P., vol. 28 (1): 43-55
A museum of souvenirs: Adolphe Thiers, collector of the nineteenth century
Lasc, A. I., vol. 28 (1): 57-71
Manuel Lopez Cepero (1778-1858) and the trade in paintings between Madrid and Seville in the first half of the nineteenth century
Martinez Plaza, P. J., Translated by Wade A. Matthews, vol. 28 (1): 73-84
A nineteenth-century glyptic collection in the National Museum in Krakow: the cabinet of Constantine Schmidt-Ciązyłski
Gołyźniak, P., Natkaniec-Nowak, L., Dumałska-Słowik, M., vol. 28 (1): 85-96
The Ithaca jewel: an authentic fake
Baker, A., vol. 28 (1): 97-108
'Spurious Articles: the purchases of the Department of Science and Art from the Hamilton Palace sale of 1882
Maxwell, C., vol. 28 (1): 109-124
Early museological development within the Japanese Empire
Huang, P., vol. 28 (1): 125-135
J. C. Bradleys narrative of the Cornell Entomological Expedition to South America (1919-1920): collecting localities and entomological travel details
Rasmussen, C., vol. 28 (1): 137-147
La Collezione del principe Lelio Orsini nel palazzo di piazza Navona a Roma
Furlotti, B., vol. 28 (1): 149-150
The Rise of Heritage: Preserving the Past in France, Germany and England, 1789-1914
Stammers, T., vol. 28 (1): 150-151
Die Geburt des burgerlichen Kunstmuseums - Johann Friedrich Stadel und sein Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt am Main. Berliner Schriften zur Museumsforschung Band 32
Conlin, J., vol. 28 (1): 151-152
Die Erkundung Brasiliens. Friedrich Sellows unvollendete Reise
Mason, P., vol. 28 (1): 152-154
Magical Gems from the Collection of Constantine Schmidt-Ciazynski and from other Polish Collections
Henig, M., vol. 28 (1): 154-155
Delicious Decadence - The Rediscovery of French Eighteenth-Century Painting in the Nineteenth Century
Avery-Quash, S., vol. 28 (1): 155-157
Exhibit Ireland: Ethnographic Collections in Irish Museums
McEvansoneya, P., vol. 28 (1): 157-158
Books Received
vol. 28 (1): 159-160

Volume 27 (3)

Introduction: Gothic art in America
Brilliant, V., vol. 27 (3): 291-295
Medieval and Renaissance art in nineteenth-century Paris
Letellier, A., vol. 27 (3): 297-307
Emile Molinier, the 'incompatible' roles of a Louvre curator
Bos, A., vol. 27 (3): 309-321
'All my stained glass which I brought from Europe': William Poyntell and the Sainte-Chapelle medallions
Smith, E. B., vol. 27 (3): 323-334
A High Victorian legacy at Waddesdon Manor: Baron Ferdinand's smoking room and its contents since the creation of Waddesdon
Leben, U., vol. 27 (3): 335-345
Alva Vanderbilt Belmont, arbiter elegantiarum, and her Gothic salon at Newport, Rhode Island
Miller, P. F., vol. 27 (3): 347-362
The dream of chivalry: arms and armour and their appeal to the American collector of the Gilded Age
Fliegel, S. N., vol. 27 (3): 363-374
The fairy, the ghost and the alcove: collecting early furniture in fin-de-siecle France and America, and the Lit de Justice d'Argentelles
Hinton, J., vol. 27 (3): 375-387
Accounting for taste: American collectors and twelfth-century French sculpture
Maxwell, R. A., vol. 27 (3): 389-400
An art collector and his friends: John Pierpont Morgan and the globalization of medieval art
Gennari-Santori, F., vol. 27 (3): 401-411
William Randolph Hearst: maverick collector
Kastner, V., vol. 27 (3): 413-424
'The time is opportune': the Swarzenskis and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston
Fozi, S., vol. 27 (3): 425-439