Journal of the History of Collections articles

Volume 23 (1)

Empire Without End. Antiquities Collections in Renaissance Rome, c. 1350-1527
Stenhouse, W., vol. 23 (1): 196-197
The World of Carolus Clusius
Elliott, B., vol. 23 (1): 197-197
Classical Sculpture and the Culture of Collecting in Britain since 1760
Sullivan, M. G., vol. 23 (1): 198-198
Colnaghi, Established 1760. The History
Harrison, C., vol. 23 (1): 198-199
Libraries within the Library. The Origins of the British Library's Printed Collections
Willoughby, J., vol. 23 (1): 200-201
A Museum of One's Own: Private Collection, Public Gift
Brilliant, V., vol. 23 (1): 201-202
The Cone Sisters of Baltimore. Collecting at Full Tilt
Butler, K. K., vol. 23 (1): 202-204
Museums and Difference
Dudley, S., vol. 23 (1): 204-205

Volume 22 (2)

From vanitas to veneration: The embellishments in the anatomical cabinet of Frederik Ruysch
van de Roemer, G. M., vol. 22 (2): 169-186
The Countess of Arundel's Dutch Pranketing Room: 'An Inventory of all the Parcells or Purselin, glasses and other Goods now remayning in the Pranketing Roome at Tart Hall, 8th Sept 1641'
Claxton, J., vol. 22 (2): 187-196
A l'origine des catalogues de vente de tableaux en France: Quelques observations sur la collection La Chataigneraye
Marandet, F., vol. 22 (2): 197-206
Popes, kings and the Medici in the eighteenth-century fasti of the Palazzo Mocenigo di S. Stae in Venice
Kragelund, P., vol. 22 (2): 207-221
'The old palace of tertian fevers': The Fonthill sale of 1807
Gemmett, R. J., vol. 22 (2): 223-234
The collection of Old Master paintings formed by Sir Archibald Campbell of Succoth at Garscube House, near Glasgow
Humfrey, P., vol. 22 (2): 235-244
Nineteenth-century Bulgarian private collections
Petkova-Campbell, G., vol. 22 (2): 245-255
Charles W. Peach and Darwin's barnacles
Anderson, L. I., Lowe, M., vol. 22 (2): 257-270
A Hungarian in London: Pulszky's 1851 lecture
Wilson, D. M., vol. 22 (2): 271-278
British interest in Chinese painting, 1881-1910: The Anderson and Wegener collections of Chinese painting in the British Museum
Ying-Ling Huang, M., vol. 22 (2): 279-287
Rediscovering Grigory Stroganoff as a collector of Egyptian art
Hill, M., Meurer, G., Raven, M. J., vol. 22 (2): 289-306
'I was to have all the finest': Renaissance bronzes from J. Pierpont Morgan to Henry C. Frick
Gennari-Santori, F., vol. 22 (2): 307-324
The Lumley Inventory and Pedigree. Art Collecting in the Elizabethan Age
MacGregor, A., vol. 22 (2): 325-326
Die Welt in der Stube. Begegnungen mit Aussereuropa in Kunstkammern der fruhen Neuzeit
Mason, P., vol. 22 (2): 326-327
Espana y Napoles. Coleccionismo y Mecenazgo Virreinales en el Siglo XVII
Baker-Bates, P., vol. 22 (2): 327-328
Flora: The Aztec Herbal
Mason, P., vol. 22 (2): 329-330
Before Disenchantment. Images of Exotic Animals and Plants in the Early Modern World
Baldriga, I., vol. 22 (2): 330-331
Picturae Etruscorum in Vasculis. La raccolta Vaticana e il collezionismo di vasi antichi nel primo Settecento
Wiegel, H., vol. 22 (2): 331-332
The Society of Dilettanti. Archaeology and Identity in the British Enlightenment
Hornsby, C., vol. 22 (2): 332-333
Napoleon's Legacy. The Rise of National Museums in Europe 1794-1830
Conlin, J., vol. 22 (2): 333-334
The Marlborough Gems formerly at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire
Henig, M., vol. 22 (2): 335-336
The Imperial Museums of Meiji Japan. Architecture and the Art of the Nation
McDermott, H. T., vol. 22 (2): 337-338
Louis Marcy. Oggetti d'arte della Galleria Parmeggiani di Reggio Emilia
Wilson, T., vol. 22 (2): 338-339
El desierto en una vitrina. Museos e historia natural en la Argentina, 1810-1890
Mason, P., vol. 22 (2): 339-340
An Infinity of Things. How Sir Henry Wellcome collected the World
Caygill, M., vol. 22 (2): 340-341
Gothic Art in the Gilded Age. Medieval and Renaissance Treasures in the Gavet-Vanderbilt-Ringling Collection
Wilson, T., vol. 22 (2): 341-342
Books Received
vol. 22 (2): 343-343