The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History

This journal has established itself as an internationally respected forum for the presentation and discussion of recent research in the history of the British Empire and Commonwealth and in comparative European colonial experiences. Particular attention is given to imperial policy and rivalries; colonial rule and local response; the rise of nationalism; the process of decolonization and the transfer of power and institutions; the evolution of the Imperial and Commonwealth association in general; and the expansion and transformation of British culture. The journal also features a substantial review section of recent literature.

Five issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 45 (6)

Diedrich Westermann and the Ambiguities of Colonial Science in the Inter-War Era
vol. 45 (6): 871-893
The Purposes of Land Settlement in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 1898–1914: Drawing Paths through the Weeds
vol. 45 (6): 894-922
Rethinking the Inferiority Complex: Chinese Opinions on Westerners’ Knowledge of Chinese (1910s–1930s)
vol. 45 (6): 923-941
Spectres of Pan-Islam: Methodological Nationalism and British Imperial Policy after the First World War
vol. 45 (6): 942-968
‘A Fanatical Reverence for Gandhi’: Nationalism and Police Militancy in Bengal during the Non-cooperation Movement
vol. 45 (6): 969-997
Sir Philip Mitchell and the Indian Ocean, 1944–49
vol. 45 (6): 998-1025
Losing the Blanket, Building a Fence: Australian Anxiety and the End of Military Colonialism in Malaysia
vol. 45 (6): 1026-1048
‘What has Ghana Got That We Haven't?’ Party Politics and Anti-Colonialism in Botswana, 1960–66
vol. 45 (6): 1049-1074
The Trouble with Empire: Challenges to Modern British Imperialism, by Antoinette Burton
vol. 45 (6): 1075-1078
The Politics and Economics of Decolonisation in Africa: The Failed Experiment of the Central African Federation, by Andrew Cohen
vol. 45 (6): 1078-1080
Empires at War 1911–1923, edited by Robert Gerwarth and Erez Manela
vol. 45 (6): 1080-1082
Decolonization: A Short History, by Jan C. Jansen and Jürgen Osterhammel
vol. 45 (6): 1083-1084
On Call in Africa in War and Peace, 1910–1932, edited by Dr Norman Parsons Jewell and Dr Tony Jewell
vol. 45 (6): 1084-1086
Constitution-making in Asia: Decolonisation and State-building in the Aftermath of the British Empire, edited by H. Kumarasingham
vol. 45 (6): 1086-1089
Afro-European Trade in the Atlantic World: The Western Slave Coast, c.1550–c.1885, by Silke Strickrodt
vol. 45 (6): 1089-1091
Darfur: Colonial Violence, Sultanic Legacies & Local Politics, 1916–1956, by Chris Vaughan
vol. 45 (6): 1091-1092

Volume 45 (5)

Pattern, Puzzle, and Peculiarity: Rhodesia’s UDI and Decolonisation in Southern Africa
vol. 45 (5): 721-728
Pattern, Puzzle, and Peculiarity: Rhodesia’s UDI and Decolonisation in Southern Africa
vol. 45 (5): 721-728
Globalisation and Decolonisation
vol. 45 (5): 729-745
Globalisation and Decolonisation
vol. 45 (5): 729-745