Journal of Scottish Historical Studies

The Journal of Scottish Historical Studies (formerly Scottish Economic and Social History) is published by Edinburgh University Press on behalf of the Economic and Social History Society of Scotland. It is a fully refereed outlet for the best research in social, economic and cultural history, in historical geography and anthropology, and in historical theory. It includes regular research and review articles, news and book reviews, and also has occasional interviews, symposia on key books, and appreciations of incidents, sources and ideas in the writing of Scotland’s history.

Published May & Nov

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Latest articles

Volume 38 (1)

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vol. 38 (1): 0-0
Introduction: Enlightenment and Empire
Allan I. Macinnes, vol. 38 (1): 1-17
Roads Not Taken: Alternative Views of the Empire
Barbara C. Murison, vol. 38 (1): 18-35
Political Virtue and Capital Repatriation: A Jacobite Agenda for Empire
Allan I. Macinnes, vol. 38 (1): 36-54
Eighteenth-century Scottish Political Economy and the Decline of Imperial Spain
Frederick G. Whelan, vol. 38 (1): 55-72
Scots and Access to Spanish America from Before the Union to 1748
Bruce Lenman, vol. 38 (1): 73-87
William Robertson on Natural Resources and Cultural Contacts in Colonial America
Nathaniel Wolloch, vol. 38 (1): 88-103
Adam Ferguson's Discourse on ‘Rude Nations’ in the Essay and the Critique of Despotic Empire
Jack A. Hill, vol. 38 (1): 104-120
‘Sick Nature Blasting’: The Ecological Limits of British Imperialism in Thomson's The Seasons
Denys Van Renen, vol. 38 (1): 121-142
Transferrable Surveys: Natural History from the Hebrides to South India
Minakshi Menon, vol. 38 (1): 143-159
Three Scottish Cousins in East India Company Service, 1792–1804
Frances B. Singh, vol. 38 (1): 160-177
Scots, Settler Colonization and Indigenous Displacement: Mi'kma'ki, 1770–1820, in Comparative Context
John G. Reid, vol. 38 (1): 178-196
vol. 38 (1): 197-197

Volume 37 (2)

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vol. 37 (2): 0-0
Lost Alternatives to Council Housing? An Examination of Stirling's Alternative Housing Initiatives, c. 1906–1939
James J. Smyth, vol. 37 (2): 117-135
The Business of Religion: Lending and the Church of Scotland in the Eighteenth Century
Alistair Mutch, vol. 37 (2): 136-154