The Medieval History Journal articles

Volume 13 (1)

Book Reviews: Margrit Pernau and Yunus Jaffrey, Information and the Public Sphere: Persian Newsletters from Mughal Delhi, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2009, pp. 480
'Ahan', A. A., vol. 13 (1): 132-137
Book Reviews: Ramya Sreenivasan, The Many Lives of a Rajput Queen Heroic Pasts in India c. 1500-1900, University of Washington Press, Seattle, 2007, vi-viii + 276 pages
Sahai, N. P., vol. 13 (1): 137-144
Book Reviews: Sunil Kumar, The Emergence of the Delhi Sultanate, 1192-1286, Permanent Black, Ranikhet, 2007, xv + 422 pages
Singh, S., vol. 13 (1): 144-149
Book Reviews: John Paul Davis, Robin Hood: The Unknown Templar, Peter Owen, London, 2009, 276 pages, 16 b&w illustrations
Lord, E., vol. 13 (1): 149-151

Volume 12 (2)

Juneja, M., Siebenhuner, K., vol. 12 (2): 169-189
Shrines, Cultivators, and Muslim 'Conversion' in Punjab and Bengal, 1300-1700
Eaton, R. M., vol. 12 (2): 191-220
Conversion and Coercion: Personal Conscience and Political Conformity in Early Modern France
Luria, K. P., vol. 12 (2): 221-247
Conversion to Christianity in African History before Colonial Modernity: Power, Intermediaries and Texts
Ruther, K., vol. 12 (2): 249-273
Christian Conversion in Late Ming China: Niccolo Longobardo and Shandong
Hsia, R. P.-c., vol. 12 (2): 275-301
Conversion Historiography in South Asia: Alternative Indian Christian Counter-histories in Eighteenth Century Goa
Zupanov, I. G., vol. 12 (2): 303-325
Catholic-Lutheran-Catholic: Strategies of Justification and Conceptions of the Self in the Conversion Narratives of Johannes Ferdinand Franz Weinberger (1687-90)
Carl, G., vol. 12 (2): 327-353
Fatima Hatun nee Beatrice Michiel: Renegade Women in the Early Modern Mediterranean
Dursteler, E., vol. 12 (2): 355-382
Returning to Judaism: The Reconversion of 'New Christians' to Their Ancestral Jewish Faith in the Ottoman Empire during the Sixteenth Century
Ginio, A. M., vol. 12 (2): 383-404
The Materiality of Difference: Converted Jews and Their Descendants in the Late Medieval Kingdom of Naples
Scheller, B., vol. 12 (2): 405-430
The Christianisation of Latin Europe as Seen by Medieval Arab-Islamic Historiographers
Konig, D., vol. 12 (2): 431-472

Volume 12 (1)

The Genesis of Islam in the Light of History: The First MHJ Annual Lecture Delivered in New Delhi on 27 November 2008
Al-Azmeh, A., vol. 12 (1): 1-12
The Invention of Dancing Mania: Frankish Christianity, Platonic Cosmology and Bodily Expressions in Sacred Space
Rohmann, G., vol. 12 (1): 13-45
Revisioning the Conquest of Mexico: Image and Text in the Florentine Codex (1578-80)
Brochler, A., vol. 12 (1): 47-76
The Royal Chapel in Iberia: Models, Contacts, and Influences
Costa-Gomes, R., vol. 12 (1): 77-111
Visualising the Incarnation in Medieval Christianity: Universal Botanical Metaphors and Local Cult Practices
Khan, S., vol. 12 (1): 113-140
Book Reviews
vol. 12 (1): 141-168