Psychoanalysis and History

Psychoanalysis and History is devoted both to the study of the history of psychoanalysis and the application of psychoanalytic ideas to historiography, thus forming a bridge between the academic study of history and psychoanalysis.

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The journal is indexed in the Web of Science (Social Sciences Citation Index) and ranked 22 out of 70 in History, 16 out of 36 in History of Social Sciences and 7 out of 13 in Psychology, Psychoanalysis, with an impact factor of 0.33 (2013).

Published January and July.

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Latest articles

Volume 19 (3)

Front matter
vol. 19 (3): -
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vol. 19 (3): -
Matt ffytche, vol. 19 (3): 293-295
On Good Authority: Anna Freud and the Politics of Child Analysis
Carolyn Laubender, vol. 19 (3): 297-322
Melitta Schmideberg: Her Life and Work Encompassing Migration, Psychoanalysis, and War in Britain
Michal Shapira, vol. 19 (3): 323-348
Evolution in the Brain, Evolution in the Mind: The Hierarchical Brain and the Interface between Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience
Leonardo Niro Nascimento, vol. 19 (3): 349-377
Sadism and Masochism on the Procrustean Bed of Hysteria: From Psychopathia Sexualis to Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality
Jens De Vleminck, vol. 19 (3): 379-406
Normal Narcissism in the Age of Trump
D'Maris Coffman, vol. 19 (3): 407-413
Orna Ophir, Psychosis, Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry in Postwar USA: On the Borderland of Madness
Marcia Holmes, vol. 19 (3): 415-417
Anna Koellreuter (ed.), What is this Professor Freud like? A Diary of an Analysis with Historical Comments
Edward Timms, vol. 19 (3): 418-421
Patricia R. Everett, Corresponding Lives: Mabel Dodge Luhan, A.A. Brill, and the Psychoanalytic Adventure in America
Elizabeth Coles, vol. 19 (3): 422-425
Paul W. Mosher and Jeffrey Berman, Confidentiality and Its Discontents: Dilemmas of Privacy in Psychotherapy
Richard E. Ashcroft, vol. 19 (3): 426-428
David Bennett, The Currency of Desire: Libidinal Economy, Psychoanalysis and Sexual Revolution
Moshe Sluhovsky, vol. 19 (3): 429-431

Volume 19 (2)

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vol. 19 (2): -
Back matter
vol. 19 (2): -
Matt ffytche, vol. 19 (2): 145-150
Why Does Psychoanalysis Matter to History and Philosophy of Science? On the Ramifications of Forrester's Axiom
Andreas Mayer, vol. 19 (2): 151-166
John Forrester and Lacan
Darian Leader, vol. 19 (2): 167-172
The Irredeemable Debt: On the English Translation of Lacan's First Two Public Seminars
Dany Nobus, vol. 19 (2): 173-214
Foucault, Power-Knowledge and the Individual
John Forrester, vol. 19 (2): 215-232