Social History of Medicine articles

Volume 29 (4)

Courtney Q. Shah, Sex Ed, Segregated: The Quest for Sexual Knowledge in Progressive-Era America
Lavine, M., vol. 29 (4): 856-858
Anne Borsay and Pamela Dale (eds), Mental Health Nursing. The Working Lives of Paid Carers in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Boschma, G., vol. 29 (4): 858-859
Jessica Reinisch, The Perils of Peace: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany
Winkler, A., vol. 29 (4): 859-861
Raul Necochea Lopez, A History of Family Planning in Twentieth-Century Peru
Drinot, P., vol. 29 (4): 861-863
Jennifer Nelson, More Than Medicine: A History of the Feminist Womens Health Movement
Rutherford, A., vol. 29 (4): 863-864
J. Ryan, L. C. Chen and T. Saich (eds), Philanthropy for Health in China
Core, R., vol. 29 (4): 864-866
Matthew Smith, Another Persons Poison: A History of Food Allergy
Tansey, T., vol. 29 (4): 866-868
Ulf Schmidt, Secret Science: A Century of Poison Warfare and Human Experiments
Mitchell, G., vol. 29 (4): 868-869
Leigh Dale, Responses to Self Harm: An Historical Analysis of Medical, Religious, Military and Psychological Perspectives
Millard, C., vol. 29 (4): 869-870
C. Michele Thompson, Vietnamese Traditional Medicine: A Social History
Edington, C., vol. 29 (4): 870-872
Elizabeth Hallam (ed), Designing Bodies. Models of Human Anatomy from Wax to Plastic
Hendriksen, M., vol. 29 (4): 872-873
Rina Knoeff and Robert Zwijnenberg (eds), The Fate of Anatomical Collections
Sappol, M., vol. 29 (4): 874-876

Volume 29 (3)

Women Searchers of the Dead in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-century London
Henry, W. S., vol. 29 (3): 445-466
Medicine and Charity in Eighteenth-century Northumberland: The Early Years of the Bamburgh Castle Dispensary and Surgery, c. 1772-1802
Withey, A., vol. 29 (3): 467-489
Infected by the Devil, Cured by Calundu: African Healers in Eighteenth-century Minas Gerais, Brazil
Kananoja, K., vol. 29 (3): 490-511
Immigration, Statecraft and Public Health: The 1920 Aliens Order, Medical Examinations and the Limitations of the State in England
Taylor, B., vol. 29 (3): 512-533
Medical Eponyms: Patient Advocates, Professional Interests and the Persistence of Honorary Naming
Hogan, A. J., vol. 29 (3): 534-556
The Strange Case of Hannah West: Skin Colour and the Search for Racial Difference
Hogarth, R., vol. 29 (3): 557-572
Health Citizenship and Access to Health Services: Finland 1900-2000
Harjula, M., vol. 29 (3): 573-589
Transnational Nationalism and Idealistic Science: The Alcohol Question between the Wars
Edman, J., vol. 29 (3): 590-610
The Hard School: Physical Treatments for War Neurosis in Britain during the Second World War
Roberts-Pedersen, E., vol. 29 (3): 611-632
Matthew M. Mesley and Louise E. Wilson, Contextualising Miracles in the Christian West, 1100-1500
Gordon, S., vol. 29 (3): 633-634
Janet Gyatso, Being Human in a Buddhist World: An Intellectual History of Medicine in Early Modern Tibet
Samuel, G., vol. 29 (3): 634-636
Peregrine Horden and Elisabeth Hsu, The Body in Balance: Humoral Medicines in Practice
Winterbottom, A., vol. 29 (3): 636-638
James Kennaway (ed), Music and the Nerves, 1700-1900
Raz, C., vol. 29 (3): 638-639
Jose R. Jouve Martin, The Black Doctors of Colonial Lima: Science, Race and Writing in Colonial and Early Republican Peru
Drinot, P., vol. 29 (3): 640-641
Daniel Walther, Sex and Control: Venereal Disease, Colonial Physicians and Indigenous Agency in German Colonialism, 1884-1914
Wald, E., vol. 29 (3): 641-643
David Seed, Stephen C. Kenny and Chris Williams (eds), Life and Limb: Perspectives on the American Civil War
Stowe, S. M., vol. 29 (3): 643-645
Judith Rainhorn, ed., Sante et travail a la mine, XIXe-XXIe siecle,
Moses, J., vol. 29 (3): 645-647
Anna Greenwood and Harshad Topiwala, Indian Doctors in Kenya, 1895-1940: The Forgotten History
Jones, T. F., vol. 29 (3): 647-648
Tanya Hart, Health in the City: Race, Poverty, and the Negotiation of Womens Health in New York City, 1915-1930
Oltman, A., vol. 29 (3): 649-650
Angela Davis, Pre-school Childcare in England, 1939-2010; Theory, Practice and Experience
Jones, K. W., vol. 29 (3): 650-651
Charlotte DeCroes Jacobs, Jonas Salk: A Life
Vargha, D., vol. 29 (3): 652-653
S. D. Lamb, Pathologist of the Mind: Adolf Meyer and the Origins of American Psychiatry
Sadowsky, J., vol. 29 (3): 653-654
Roberta Bivins, Contagious Communities. Medicine, Migration and the NHS in Post-War Britain
Taylor, B., vol. 29 (3): 654-655
Scott H. Podolsky, The Antibiotic Era: Reform, Resistance, and the Pursuit of a Rational Therapeutics
Tomes, N. J., vol. 29 (3): 655-657
Robert Peckham (ed.), Disease and Crime: A History of Social Pathologies and the New Politics of Health
Lux, E. J., vol. 29 (3): 657-659
Laura D. Hirshbein, Smoking Privileges: Psychiatry, the Mentally Ill, and the Tobacco Industry in America
Martin, S. C., vol. 29 (3): 659-660
Everett Yuehong Zhang, The Impotence Epidemic: Mens Medicine and Sexual Desire in Contemporary China
Dale, M. S., vol. 29 (3): 660-661
James C. McCann, The Historical Ecology of Malaria in Ethiopia. Deposing the Spirits
Cummiskey, J. R., vol. 29 (3): 662-663