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Social History of Medicine articles

Volume 23 (3)

A. D. Cliff, M. R. Smallman-Raynor, P. Haggett, D. F. Stroup and S. B. Thacker, Emergence and Re-Emergence: Infectious Disease: A Geographical Analysis
Bresalier, M., vol. 23 (3): 698-700
Lois N. Magner, A History of Infectious Diseases and the Microbial World
Greenwood, D., vol. 23 (3): 700-701
Lester K. Little (ed.), Plague and the End of Antiquity: The Pandemic of 541-750
Horden, P., vol. 23 (3): 701-702
Michael Frampton, Embodiments of Will: Anatomical and Physiological Theories of Voluntary Animal Motion from Greek Antiquity to the Latin Middle Ages, 400 BC-AD 1300
Cosans, C., vol. 23 (3): 703-704
Leah Knight, Of Books and Botany in Early Modern England: Sixteenth-Century Plants and Print Culture
DiMeo, M., vol. 23 (3): 704-705
Zina Weygand, The Blind in French Society: From the Middle Ages to the Century of Louis Braille
Sykes, I., vol. 23 (3): 705-706
Andreas-Holger Maehle, Doctors, Honour and the Law: Medical Ethics in Imperial Germany
Gallois, W., vol. 23 (3): 707-708
Hanns-Christian Gunga, Nathan Zuntz: His Life and Work in the Fields of High Altitude Physiology and Aviation Medicine
Meyer, A. D., vol. 23 (3): 708-709
Bert Hansen, Picturing Medical Progress from Pasteur to Polio: A History of Mass Media Images and Popular Attitudes in America
Rogers, N., vol. 23 (3): 709-710
Frances Larson, An Infinity of Things: How Sir Henry Wellcome Collected the World
Honigsbaum, M., vol. 23 (3): 710-711
Carla Bittel, Mary Putnam Jacobi and the Politics of Medicine in Nineteenth-Century America
Kelly, L., vol. 23 (3): 712-713