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Over the past 40 years, the South African Historical Journal has become renowned and internationally regarded as a premier history journal published in South Africa, promoting significant historical scholarship on the country as well as the southern African region. The journal, which is linked to the Southern African Historical Society, has provided a high-quality medium for original thinking about South African history and has thus shaped - and continues to contribute towards defining - the historiography of the region. The South African Historical Journal publishes a wide variety of material, encompassing issues ranging in time from those around pre-colonial communities to those pertinent to a society in transition in the early 21st century, the practice and teaching of history and debates about heritage and the commemoration of the past. It includes ground-breaking innovative research, general historical and historiographical overviews, historical debates, interviews with historians and reflections on their work, review articles and critical reviews of important books. The journal is peer reviewed and evaluated by the editors, editorial board and other international specialist referees. The Journal is fully accredited in South Africa, it is listed in the Thomson Reuters Arts & Humanities Citation Index and its contents are accordingly cited, annotated, indexed and/or abstracted.

4 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Roberts and Kitchener in South Africa 1900–1902
Archival Aspirations and Anxieties: Contemporary Preservation and Production of the Past in Umbumbulu, KwaZulu-Natal

Volume 69 (4)

Breaking With the Old Pattern of Control: African Deputations to Britain from Southern Africa in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
vol. 69 (4): 501-547
Disappearance and Displacement: The San, the Bamangwato, and the British in the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1943–1945
vol. 69 (4): 548-567
The Un-making of the Group Areas Act: Local Resistance and Commercial Power in the Small Town of Mokopane
vol. 69 (4): 568-582
Memory, Oral History and Conservation at Robben Island's Bluestone Quarry
vol. 69 (4): 583-597
‘Able to resist the attack of any enemy’? African Identity Formation, Colonial Attitudes and the Lower Kei Forts During the War of Ngcayecibi, 1877–1878
vol. 69 (4): 598-621
Tribing and Untribing the Archive: Identity and the Material Record in Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal in the Late Independent and Colonial Periods
vol. 69 (4): 622-626
The Katangese Gendarmes and War in Central Africa: Fighting Their Way Home
vol. 69 (4): 626-630
Unsettled History: Making South African Public Pasts
vol. 69 (4): 630-632
Apartheid and the Making of a Black Psychologist: A Memoir by N. Chabani Manganyi
vol. 69 (4): 632-635
The Kalahari Killings: The True Story of a Wartime Double Murder in Botswana, 1943
vol. 69 (4): 635-638
‘Comrade Professor’ – Phil Bonner
vol. 69 (4): 639-644
vol. 69 (4): 645-645

Volume 69 (3)

When the Past Transforms: A Case Study from a Western Cape Wine Farm
vol. 69 (3): 345-360
When the Past Transforms: A Case Study from a Western Cape Wine Farm
vol. 69 (3): 345-360
‘Stories That Find their Place’: Retelling the Protest at Brandfort, 1901–1949
vol. 69 (3): 361-376
‘Stories That Find their Place’: Retelling the Protest at Brandfort, 1901–1949
vol. 69 (3): 361-376
Photographs as Complementary Sources of the History of Swaziland: The Case of the Visual Images of the Makers of Swaziland's Pre-Independence Constitution
vol. 69 (3): 377-403