Women's History Review articles

Volume 24 (5)

Escaping Assimilation's Grasp: Aboriginal women in the Australian women's military services
vol. 24 (5): 757-775
Appealing to the Female Vote: Dutch political parties and the approach of women voters in general election campaigns, c.1922–1980
vol. 24 (5): 776-808
The Public Voice of Women
vol. 24 (5): 809-818
Early Modern Women
vol. 24 (5): 819-822
Daughters of the Anglican Clergy: religion, gender and identity in Victorian England; MIDORI YAMAGUCHI
vol. 24 (5): 823-825
Feminism, Gender and Universities: politics, passion and pedagogies; MIRIAM E. DAVID
vol. 24 (5): 825-827
Feminist History in Canada: new essays on women, gender, work and nation; CATHERINE CARSTAIRS & NANCY JANOVICEK (Eds)
vol. 24 (5): 827-829
Coolie Woman: the odyssey of indenture; GAIUTRA BAHADUR
vol. 24 (5): 829-831
Medicine, Morality, and Political Culture. Legislation on Venereal Disease in Five Northern European Countries, c.1870–c.1995; IDA BLOM
vol. 24 (5): 831-833
The Defiant Life of Vera Figner: surviving the Russian Revolution; LYNNE ANN HARTNETT
vol. 24 (5): 833-835
A Free-Spirited Woman: the London diaries of Gladys Langford, 1936–1940; PATRICIA MALCOLMSON & ROBERT MALCOLMSON (Eds)
vol. 24 (5): 835-837
Women and the Reinvention of the Political: feminism in Italy, 1968–1983; MAUD BRACKE
vol. 24 (5): 838-840
British Pirates and Society, 1680–1730; MARGARETTE LINCOLN
vol. 24 (5): 840-842

Volume 24 (4)

Letters between Mothers and Daughters
vol. 24 (4): 483-489
Poor Maternity: Clare of Assisi's letters to Agnes of Prague
vol. 24 (4): 490-501
Social Negotiations in Correspondence between Mothers and Daughters in Tudor and Early Stuart England
vol. 24 (4): 502-527
What's Love Got to Do with It? Dynastic Politics and Motherhood in the Letters of Eleonora of Aragon and her Daughters
vol. 24 (4): 528-547
‘My daughter, my dear’: the correspondence of Catherine de Médicis and Elisabeth de Valois
vol. 24 (4): 548-569
Tenderness, Tittle-tattle and Truth in Mother–Daughter Letters: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Mary Wortley Montagu Stuart, Countess of Bute, and Lady Louisa Stuart
vol. 24 (4): 570-590
‘A conscientious and well-informed Victorian mother’: Elizabeth Gaskell's letters to her daughters
vol. 24 (4): 591-602
From ‘Dearest Mama’ to ‘Dear Mother’: changing styles in early twentieth-century letters from daughters to mothers
vol. 24 (4): 603-620
Making Women's Histories: beyond national perspectives; PAMELA S. NADELL & KATE HAULMAN (Eds)
vol. 24 (4): 621-623
Fires on the Border: the passionate politics of labor organizing on the Mexican frontera; ROSEMARY HENNESSY
vol. 24 (4): 623-625
Buying into the Regime: grapes and consumption in Cold War Chile and the United States; HEIDI TINSMAN
vol. 24 (4): 625-627
A Stitch in Time: the needlework of aging women in antebellum America; AIMEE E. NEWELL
vol. 24 (4): 627-629
Elinor Glyn as Novelist, Moviemaker, Glamour Icon and Businesswoman; V. BARNETT & A. WEEDON
vol. 24 (4): 629-631
The Scottish People 1490–1625; MAUREEN M. MEIKLE
vol. 24 (4): 631-633
The Story of Pain: from prayer to painkillers; JOANNA BOURKE
vol. 24 (4): 633-635
The Correspondence of Sarah Helen Whitman and Julia Deane Freeman: writer to writer, woman to woman; CATHERINE KUNCE (Ed.)
vol. 24 (4): 635-637
Gendered Resistance: women, slavery, and the legacy of Margaret Garner; MARY E. FREDERICKSON & DELORES M. WALTERS (Eds); Fannie Barrier Williams: crossing the borders of region and race; WANDA A. HENDRICKS
vol. 24 (4): 637-639
French Women and the Empire. The Case of Indochina; MARIE-PAULE HA
vol. 24 (4): 639-641
The Smile Revolution in Eighteenth Century Paris; COLIN JONES
vol. 24 (4): 641-643
Crafting the Woman Professional in the Long Nineteenth Century: artistry and industry in Britain; KYRIAKI HADJIAFXENDI & PATRICIA ZAKRESKI (Eds)
vol. 24 (4): 643-645
Sacred Communities, Shared Devotions: gender, material culture, and monasticism in late medieval Germany; JUNE L. MECHAM, edited by ALISON I. BEACH, CONSTANCE H. BERMAN & LISA M. BITEL
vol. 24 (4): 645-647
Nursing and Midwifery in Britain since 1700; ANNE BORSAY & BILLIE HUNTER (Eds)
vol. 24 (4): 647-648
In the Thick of the Fight: the writing of Emily Wilding Davison, militant suffragette; CAROLYN P. COLLETTE
vol. 24 (4): 649-651
The Women's Liberation Movement in Scotland; SARAH BROWNE
vol. 24 (4): 651-652
Women of the World: the rise of the female diplomat; HELEN McCARTHY
vol. 24 (4): 653-654

Volume 24 (3)

Stopping the Traffic: the National Vigilance Association and the international fight against the ‘white slave’ trade (1899–c.1909)
vol. 24 (3): 325-350
‘Just Surviving’: domestic work as a form of structural violence in Sistren Theatre Collective's Domestick
vol. 24 (3): 351-371