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Archives of Natural History

REDMAN, Samuel J. Bone rooms: from scientific racism to human prehistory in museums
vol. 45 (1): 182-183
GRANDE, Lance. Curators. Behind the scenes of natural history museums
vol. 45 (1): 183-184
BIRKHEAD, Tim (editor). Virtuoso by nature: the scientific worlds of Francis Willughby FRS (1635–1672).
vol. 45 (1): 184-185
DAWSON, Gowan. Show me the bone: reconstructing prehistoric monsters in nineteenth-century Britain and America.
vol. 45 (1): 185-186
KLEIN, Ursula. Nützliches Wissen. Die Erfindung der Technikwissenschaften
vol. 45 (1): 187-188
TWYMAN, Michael (editor). John Phillips's lithographic notebook. Reproduced in facsimile from the original at Oxford University Museum of Natural History
vol. 45 (1): 188-188
YALE, Elizabeth. Sociable knowledge: natural history and the nation in early modern Britain.
vol. 45 (1): 189-189
VETTER, Jeremy. Field life: science in the American West during the railroad era
vol. 45 (1): 190-191
EGMOND, Florike. Eye for detail, images of plants and animals in art and science 1500–1630.
vol. 45 (1): 191-192
CONVERY, Ian and DAVIS, Peter (editors). Changing perceptions of nature
vol. 45 (1): 192-193
BRUCE, Gary. Through the Lion Gate: a history of the Berlin Zoo.; MOHNHAUPT, Jan. Der Zoo der Anderen – als die Stasi ihr Herz für Brillenbären entdeckte & Helmut Schmidt mit Pandas nachrüstete
vol. 45 (1): 195-196
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Australian Historical Studies

Approaching the Past
vol. 49 (2): 147-149
‘The Scum of France’: Australian Anxieties towards French Convicts in the Nineteenth Century
vol. 49 (2): 150-166
National Shame/National Treasure: Narrating Homeless Veterans in Australia 1915–1930s
vol. 49 (2): 167-183
Masculinity and Cultural Contestation in the Australian 1950s
vol. 49 (2): 184-202
Isolated, Monitored and Controlled: Sport, Aborigines and the Protection Era
vol. 49 (2): 203-220
Policy Narratives in Historical Transition: A Case Study in Contemporary History
vol. 49 (2): 221-236
Unknown Anzacs: The Politics and Performance of Bodily Repatriation in Postcolonial State Formation
vol. 49 (2): 237-254
British Migrants – Instant Australians? Immigration Museum, Melbourne
vol. 49 (2): 255-257
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