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Bibliographic update July 2018: All

National Identities

Exploring Greek-Cypriot media representations of national identities in ethnically divided Cyprus: the case of the 2002/2004 Annan Plan negotiations
The peasant matrix for nation building: an effective model? Some reflections on the Belarusian case
Bringing ‘Biafra’ back in: narrative, identity, and the politics of non-reconciliation in Nigeria
Immigration dialectic. Imagining community, economy, and nation

Parliaments, Estates and Representation

Les députés de Lyon en cour et l’art des communications de la ville et du pouvoir royal au XVIe siècle
vol. 38 (2): 147-160
Representation and resistance in Restoration Scotland: the political thought of James Stewart of Goodtrees (1635–1713)
vol. 38 (2): 161-174
Farming out state revenue: the debate about the General Customs Lease Company in Sweden, 1723–65
vol. 38 (2): 175-191
Thomas Paine's influence on the Girondin constitutional project of 1793
vol. 38 (2): 192-204
‘Into the custody of the Serjeant at Arms’: inducing parliamentary attendance in Dublin and Westminster, 1690–1859
vol. 38 (2): 205-226
Towards political integration in Europe: the involvement of national parliaments in European Union politics and policy-making
vol. 38 (2): 227-238
Gender equality and the electoral system in the regional council of Sardinia
vol. 38 (2): 239-249
Peter Blickle (1938–2017)
vol. 38 (2): 250-252
Tatsunori Isomi (1928–2017)
vol. 38 (2): 253-254
Valerie Cromwell (1935–2018)
vol. 38 (2): 255-257
Rivoluzione, sovranità, libertà. L’aurora della modernità
vol. 38 (2): 258-259
Mr Barry’s War: rebuilding the Houses of Parliament after the Great Fire of 1834
vol. 38 (2): 260-261
Entre démocratisation et professionnalisation: le Parlement suisse et ses membres de 1910 à 2016
vol. 38 (2): 261-263
The Scottish independence referendum: constitutional and political implications
vol. 38 (2): 263-265
Studies presented to the ICHRPI
vol. 38 (2): 266-266
Instructions for authors
vol. 38 (2): 267-270
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