Caird Library, National Maritime Museum

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Stock: Library 100,000 volumes, 8000 rare books, 20,000 bound periodicals, 2000 microforms and CD-ROMs. Over four miles of manuscripts: Public Records (Royal and Merchant Navy); Business Records; personal papers; artificial collections. 50,000 charts.

Special collections or strengths: Rare Book Collection dating from 1474-1850, including atlases, voyages, astronomy, scientific instruments, shipbuilding, piracy, shipwrecks, navigation. Also includes the Airy Library (Astronomy).

Collection of approximately 4000 items of printed ephemera mainly relating to passenger and cruise ships.

Archive collection includes, crew lists and agreements (selected years), lieutenant’s logs, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Survey Reports, master’s certificates, shipping company records (including P&O Archive).


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