Religious Society of Friends in Britain (Quakers) Library

Friends House,
Euston Road,
London NW1 2BJ

This is the main library of Quakerism and Quaker history in the UK. It holds books, pamphlets and periodicals from 17th century onwards covering Quaker history, thought and practice, and subjects in which Quakers have been active, such as peace, humanitarian assistance, prison reform and the anti-slavery movement. The library also holds a unique collection of anti-Quaker tracts.

The library holds the central archives and records of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain and the archives of Quaker meetings in London & Middlesex. The manuscripts collection contains private and family papers, sources of early Quaker history, such as the Swarthmore manuscripts collection of 17th and 18th century letters and documents, and archives of Quaker organisations, such as the Friends Ambulance Unit, and other bodies with Quaker associations.

The library’s picture collection consists mostly of photographs of Friends, meeting houses and aspects of Quaker work both in the UK and overseas.

There is a card catalogue for printed book 1801 - 1988, as well as a card catalogue and hand lists for Manuscripts and archives.

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