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The collections include resources on: Albania, Austria, Balkans, Baltic Region, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic/Czechoslovakia, Greece, Slovakia, Estonia, Finland, Finno-Ugrian languages, former German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia and the former Soviet Union, Slavonic, Turkey, Ukraine, Wends, Yugoslavia and successor states. They cover history starting from Middle Ages, although the core of the collection is from XVIII century onwards.

18th-19th Century
20th Century
21st Century
Administrative history
Art and Architecture
Cold War History
Constitutional History
Cultural history
Demography and Ethnicity
Ecclesiastical and Religious history
Economic history
Historical geography
Historiography (inc Philosophy of history)
History of Political Thought
Holocaust and Genocide
Intellectual history
Legal history
Local and Regional history
Military History
Political history
Social history
Urban history
Specialist categories
Eastern Europe
Local and Regional history