Warburg Institute Library

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The Warburg Institute is concerned mainly with cultural history, art history and history of ideas, especially in the Renaissance. It aims to promote and conduct research on the interaction of cultures, using verbal and visual materials. It specializes in the influence of ancient Mediterranean traditions on European culture from the Middle Ages to the early modern period.

The Library has particular strengths in:

  1. Art and architectural history (particularly the survival of ancient art; medieval and Renaissance art, especially Byzantine, Italian, Netherlandish and German).
  2. Intellectual history (particularly the history of the Classical tradition; Arabic, medieval and Renaissance philosophy; Humanism; historiography).
  3. History of medieval and Renaissance Europe (particularly Italy).
  4. History of Christianity (origins to Counter Reformation).
  5. History of science, medicine, astrology and magic.
  6. History and imagery of blacks in Europe and the Americas.
16th-17th Century
18th-19th Century
Art and Architecture
Cultural history
Ecclesiastical and Religious history
Historiography (inc Philosophy of history)
Intellectual history
Local and Regional history
Science and Technology
Britain and Ireland
Specialist categories:
Cultural history
Intellectual history