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Boydell & Brewer publish and distribute for the Victoria County History and the Royal Historical Society, as well as several other learned societies. However, medieval history and literature remain the company's areas of undoubted excellence. Some recent highlights include The Medieval Cook by Bridget Ann Henisch, William Aird’s ground-breaking biography of Robert `Curthose', Duke of Normandy, and a new collection of essays which take a fresh look at an iconic artwork, The Bayeux Tapestry: New Interpretations.

While embracing a philosophy of innovation and growth, Boydell & Brewer remains a defiantly independent publisher of scholarly works for the academic community and thought-provoking, attractively-produced books for the general reader.

Latest books

Britain and Colonial Maritime War in the Early Eighteenth Century
Satsuma, Shinsuke (2013) Boydell and Brewer, 978184383862 Hardback £65.00