Theses completed (UK)

British policy towards education in Egypt, 1882-1936
Abdel-Galil, A.-G.A., M.A. (1981), Wales (Cardiff)
Elementary education policy in Egypt, 1922-52
Abdel-Hady, M.A., Ph.D. (1982), Wales (Cardiff)
The political role of the Sudanese National Unionist Party (N.U.P.), November 1952-November 1958
Abdullah, El-B.A., M.A. (1984), Exeter
Headlight' theology: the rise and fall of legitimate commerce in Yorubaland, 1839-93.
Abimbola, Johnson O., Ph.D. (2008), Liverpool
Monde government and politics under colonial rule, 1890-1937.
Abraham, A., Ph.D. (1974), Birmingham (Fage, J.D.)
The impact of the 'Alliance Israelite Universelle' on change and modernisation of the Jewish communities of Morocco, 1912-56.
Abraham, Meir B., Ph.D. (2000), Anglia Polytechnic University
The Sidqi regime in Egypt (1930-5): new perspectives.
Abul-Fadl, Mona M.A.-M., Ph.D. (1975), London (Vatikiotis, P.J.)
Religion and politics in Igboland from the 18th century to 1930: earth, god and power.
Achebe, Ikechukwu, Ph.D. (2001), Cambridge
The structure and performance of Algerian industry, 1920-80
Achouri, M, M.A. (1986), Keele
Regional variations in illegitimacy and courtship patterns in England, 1538-1754.
Adair, Richard L., Ph.D. (1992), Cambridge (Boulton, J.)
British intervention in New Zealand, 1830-46.
Adams, P.W.T., D.Phil. (1974), Oxford (Madden, A.F.)
The Hausa factor in West African history.
Adamu, M., Ph.D. (1974), Birmingham (Fage, J.D.)
The process of internationalism and the Africanization of the British colonial administrative service in the Gold Coast and British Togoland, 1919-57: a study in international inducement of administrative reforms
Adebiyi, Adebisi O., Ph.D. (1989), London (Sims, N.A.)
The role of the United Nations visiting missions in the decolonization of East Africa, 1948-60
Adebiyi, Adebisi O., M.Litt. (1985), Oxford (Kirk-Greene, A.H.M.)
Ifa and Christianity among the Yoruba: a study in symbiosis and in the development of Yoruba christology, 1890-1940.
Adegbola, E.A.A., Ph.D. (1977), Bristol
A study of the place of history in the evolution of the secondary grammar-school curriculum in Oyo, Ogun and Ondo States of Nigeria, 1908-80
Adeyinka, A.A., Ph.D. (1983), Wales (Cardiff)
West African students and West African nationalism in Britain, 1900-60.
Adi, Hakim, Ph.D. (1994), London
Skirting the edges of civilization: British women travellers and travel writers in South Africa, 1797-1899.
Adler, Michelle, Ph.D. (1996), London (Marks, Shula; Gunner, Elizabeth E.A.)
Evangelical parachurch movements in Ghanaian Christianity, c.1950-early 1990s.
Adubofuor, Samuel B., Ph.D. (1994), Edinburgh
Famine response and moral economy in Kenya, 1960-84.
Affolder, R., M.Phil. (2002), Cambridge (Lonsdale, John M.)