Theses completed (UK)

Akyem, c.1700-1874: a study in inter-state relations in pre-colonial Gold Coast.
Affrifah, S.F., Ph.D. (1976), London (Jones, D.H.)
An economic history of the Ashanti Goldfields Corporation, 1895-2004: land, labour, capital and enterprise.
Afrifa Taylor, Ayowa O., Ph.D. (2007), London
The Nigerian coal industry and economic development in Nigeria, 1915-80
Ahazuem, J.O, M.Litt. (1986), Birmingham (Rimmer, D.)
Elite ideologies and the politics of media: a critical history of invasion elites ideologies and their press from the Brazzaville conference to the military coup of December 24th 1999.
Ahipeaud, Martial J., Ph.D. (2005), London
Policing colonization: the emergence and role of the police in colonial Nigeria, 1860-1960
Ahire, P.T., Ph.D. (1985), Cambridge (Sumner, C.S.)
The refugee emirate: Misau's Bornoan origins and its relations with its neighbours, c.1805-1903
Ahmad, M.B., Ph.D. (1989), Birmingham (Farias, P.F. de M.)
Students and Egyptian national politics, 1923-73
Ahmed, A.A., Ph.D. (1984), Cambridge (Dunn, J.M.)
Clerics, traders and chiefs: a historical study of Islam in Wallo (Ethiopia), with special emphasis on the 19th century
Ahmed, H., Ph.D. (1986), Birmingham (Farias, P.F. de M.)
The Paris copy of the Mediterranean sea-atlas of Ali ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Sharfi of Sfax, 958/1551
Ahmed, S., M.A. (1978), Manchester
Industrialization and class formation in Nigeria, 1945-75: an examination of the relationship between industrial development and class formation.
Aina, O.A., D.Phil. (1980), Sussex (Lloyd, P.C.)
The evolution and operational development of the port of Lagos, 1880-1980
Ainah, E.O., M.Sc. (1984), Wales (UWIST)
Capital, the state and the working class in Kenya: emasculation and control of the labour movement, 1937-69
Ajulu, R., D.Phil. (1989), Sussex
A comparative study of the factors which impeded the development of post- primary education in Cameroon, 1844-1922, and in the Southern Cameroon during the inter-war years
Aka, E.A., M.Litt. (1983), Glasgow (MacBeth, A.M.)
A religious history of the Isoko people of the Bendel State of Nigeria
Akama, E.S, Ph.D. (1981), Aberdeen
Looking outwards, staying put: shipwrecked sailors, painted representations of Russia and exposure to the outside world in Edo-period Japan.
Akhmadeeva, Dina, M.St. (2014), Oxford (Clunas, Craig)
The state and integrated rural development in southwestern Nigeria, c.1945-1992, with a case study of the Ekiti-Akoko agricultural development project, Ondo-State.
Akinola, Olufemi A., Ph.D. (1996), London (Austin, Gareth M.)
The growth of Christianity in Ugogo and Ukaguru (Central Tanzania): a socio-historical analysis of the role of indigenous agents, 1876-1933.
Akiri, Raphael M., Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh
Ottoman rule in Egypt, 1680-1711.
al-Abdin, Bashir Z., M.Phil. (1999), London
Internal affairs in Egypt during the third reign of Sultan al-Nasir Muhammed ibn Qalawun, 709-41/1309-41.
Al-Hajji, Hayat N.Y., Ph.D. (1975), London (Butler, L.H.)
The riddle of the sands: an account of schooling the Libyans, 641(22)- 1951(1371)
Al-Mahjubi, G., Ph.D. (1982), Sheffield