Theses completed (UK)

The evolution of the Algerian national ideology from reformation to revolutionary populism, 1930-54.
Al-Tayeb, S. al-D. al-Z., Ph.D. (1979), Reading
The development of the Mamluk land tenure in Egypt 697/1297-882/1477.
Al-Wahaibi, Khalid K., Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Hillenbrand, Carole; McDonald, Michael V.)
The people of Qayrawan: the demographic and social composition of the population of a Maghribi city during the first 250 years of its existence, on the basis of medieval Arabic chronicles and inscriptions.
Al-Zaidan, A.A., Ph.D. (1978), Leeds (Young, M.J.L.)
A critical analysis of political trials in South Africa, 1948-88.
Albertyn, Catherine H., Ph.D. (1991), Cambridge (Summer, C.S.)
British imperialism and Social Darwinism: C.L. Temple and colonial administration in northern Nigeria, 1901-16.
Alderman, Christopher J.F., Ph.D. (1996), Kingston (Drummond-Thompson, Philip H.; Hawkins, Michael)
Settlement, field systems and landownership in Teesdale between 1600 and 1850: a study in historical geography.
Alexander, D. A., M. A. (1973), Durham (Roberts, B.K.)
The state, agrarian policy and rural politics in Zimbabwe: case studies of Insiza and Chimanimani districts, 1940-90.
Alexander, Jocelyn H., D.Phil. (1994), Oxford (Ranger, T.O.)
Workers, war and the origins of apartheid: race, industrial conflict and the South African state, 1939-48.
Alexander, Peter, Ph.D. (1995), London (Marks, Shula)
Sufi master and loyal subject: Kalim Allah and the Muktubat-i-Kalimi.
Ali, Muntazir, M.St. (2014), Oxford (Devji, Faisal)
Britain and the Benue region: a case study in colonial expansion
Alkali-Fari, A., Ph.D. (1988), Liverpool (Hair, P.E.H.)
The post-medieval pottery of Exeter, 1500-1750
Allan. , J.P., M.Phil. (1983), Exeter (Higham, R.A.)
The historical geography of the railway network of S. Durham and Teeside.
Allanson, E.W., Ph. D. (1975), Hull (Appleton, J.H.)
Logan's golden age': cricket, politics and empire, South Africa, 1888-1910.
Allen, Dean, Ph.D. (2008), Brighton
Turning the 'wilderness' into a 'flowering garden': exploring the survival of Cape Bedford Mission, far North Queensland, 1887-1909.
Allen, Laurence P., M.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Zimmer, Oliver)
History of Muslims in Britain
Ally, M.M., M.A. (1982), Birmingham
The life and early political career of Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd earl of Liverpool, 1770-1812
Alter, J.-M., Ph.D. (1988), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Thomas, P.D.G.)
Little gems or tough nuggets: children, the hidden treasures of the Australian goldfields.
Altheer, Rowena, M.Phil. (2007), London
Nigerian political economy: an analysis of government housing policy, 1900-82
Amdi, I.E.S., Ph.D. (1984), Exeter
A political history of the Ewe unification problem.
Amenuemy, D.E.K., Ph.D. (1972), Manchester
The origins of Communism in the Sudan
Amin, M.N. El , D.Phil. (1983), Oxford (Hopwood, D.)