Theses completed (UK)

Britain and the Algerian War.
Barei, Geoffrey, Ph.D. (2003), London (Brett, Michael)
The treatment of the aged poor in five selected W. Kent parishes from settlement to Speenhamland
Barker-Read, Mary, Ph.D. (1988), Open University (Wilson, K.P.; Chalklin, C.W.)
The clouded face of truth: a review of the South African newspaper press approaching union
Barlow, Monica A., Ph.D. (1988), Bristol (Ingham, K.)
The church and education in Wells, Somerset, from the eve of the Reformation until 1891
Barnes, A., Ph.D. (1990), Manchester
The Ethiopian state and its Somalia periphery, c.1888-1948.
Barnes, Cedric R., Ph.D. (2001), Cambridge
The development of the early steelmaking processes: an essay in the history of technology
Barraclough. , K.C., Ph.D. (1981), Sheffield (Crossley, D.W.)
The N.E. coast whale fishery, 1750-1850
Barrow, A., M.Phil. (1989), Council for National Academic Awards (Northway, A.M.; Rowe, D.J.; McCord, N.)
Charity, relief and development: Christian Aid in Ethiopia, 1960s-90s.
Barrow, Ondine S., Ph.D. (1998), London
Observing human 'difference': the case of the Endeavour and Resolution journals.
Barsky, Roxane K., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Innes, Joanna M.)
Imperialism and colonial expansion in Senegal in the 19th century.
Bathily, A., Ph.D. (1975), Birmingham (Fage, J.D.)
Sidi al-Mukhtar al-Kunti and the recrudescence of Islam in the western Sahara and the middle Niger, c.1750-1811.
Batran, A.A., Ph.D. (1972), Birmingham (Farias, P.F. de M.)
The rising in south-western Mashonaland, 1896-7.
Beach, D.N., Ph.D. (1971), London (Warhurst, P.R.; Gray, J.R.)
Women and citizenship in England: a study of non-feminist women's societies and the women's movement in England, 1928-50.
Beaumont, Caitriona A., Ph.D. (1996), Warwick (Mason, Tony; Obelkevich, James)
A social history of southeastern Tanzania, c.1900-1950.
Becker, F.M., Ph.D. (2002), Cambridge (Iliffe, John)
Production, labour migrancy and the chieftancy: aspects of the political economy of Pondoland, c.1860-1930.
Beinart, W.J., Ph.D. (1979), London (Marks, Shula)
The publishing of African literature: Chinua Achebe, Ngugi wa Thiong'o and the Heinemann African Writers series, 1962-88.
Bejjit, Nourdin, Ph.D. (2009), Open University
Forest history of Ethiopia from early times to 1974.
Bekele, Melaku, M.Phil. (1992), Wales
The New Zealand wars, 1845-70: an analysis of their history and interpretation
Belich, J.C., D.Phil. (1982), Oxford (Fieldhouse, D.K.)
French railways in Algeria, 1850-1900: a contribution to the study of colonial history
Belkacemi, B., Ph.D. (1984), East Anglia (Price, R.D.)
Medical research and medical practice in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 1899-1940.
Bell, Heather L., D.Phil. (1996), Oxford (Vaughan, Megan A.)