Theses completed (UK)

Oman from exploration to tourism: the images of the country in early travellers' tales, travelogues and travel brochures, 1838-2001.
Al Habsi, Mohammed A.A., Ph.D. (2004), Luton
An annotated and illustrated catalogue of maps of Kuwait and an introduction to the history of Kuwaiti cartography from the 12th century to 1960.
al Jassim, Mounira A.E.K., Ph.D. (1991), Exeter (Kain, R.J.P.)
The Arab people and the early Islamic period.
Al Nahyan, Khaled Bin Zayed, M.A. (2008), Durham
Aspects of Portuguese rule in the Arabian Gulf, 1521-1622.
al Salman, Mohammed, Ph.D. (2005), Hull (Goski, Richard)
Muhammad Ibn-'Abd-al-Wahhab; the man and his works.
Al-'Uthaymin, A.S., Ph.D. (1972), Edinburgh (Walsh, J.R.; Watt, W.M.)
Some old Babylonian letters.
Al-A'dami, K.A., Ph.D. (1973), Birmingham (Lambert, W.G.)
The role of Islam in the state: Yemen Arab Republic, 1940-72.
Al-Abdin, Al-T.Z., Ph.D. (1975), Cambridge (Rosenthal, E.I.J.)
Studies in the history and thought of the Isma'ili states in medieval Yemen.
Al-Abdul Jader, Adel S., Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh
The life and political thought of Ali ibn al-Husayn, d. A.H. 94/A.D. 712-13
Al-Abdullah, H.H., M.Phil. (1986), Manchester
Some aspects of Arabic/Islamic political thought in Iraq (4th-8th centuries A.H./10th-14th centuries A.D.
Al-Abdullah, H.H.K.H., Ph.D. (1988), Manchester
Political aspects of the Iraqi parliament and election processes, 1920-32.
Al-Adhami, M.M.H., Ph.D. (1978), London (Burrell, R.M.; Kelidar, A.R.)
The Hijaz under Ottoman rule, 1869-1914: the Ottoman Vali, the Sharif of Mecca and the growth of British influence.
Al-Amr, S.M., Ph.D. (1974), Leeds (Isserlin, B.S.J.; Hourani, A.H.; Dilks, D.N.)
A critical edition of 'al-Taʿrīf Bimā Anasat al-Hijramin Maʿālim Dār al-Hijra'.
al-Anazi, F.F., Ph.D. (2011), Durham
Authority and foreign intervention in Arabia: a case study of Sharif Hussein of Hijaz and Ibn Saud of Nejd and Great Britain, 1914-24.
Al-Angari, Haifa A., Ph.D. (1996), London (Tripp, Charles R.H.)
The Palestine issue in Saudi Arabian foreign policy, 1936-81
Al-Anqari, A.-R.I.N.A., Ph.D. (1989), Exeter
The Iraqi army and politics, 1941-53
Al-Aqidi, I.M., Ph.D. (1989), Exeter
The role of the Ikhwan under 'Abdul-'Aziz Al Sa'ud, 1916-34.
Al-Azma, Talal S.M., Ph.D. (1999), Durham
The province of Kirman under the rule of the Buyid emirs in the 4th and 5th/10th and 11th centuries A.D.
Al-Balooshi, Ibrahim A.A., Ph.D. (1991), Manchester (Bosworth, C.E.)
Ithaf Fudala' al Zaman bi-Tar'ikh Wilayat Bani al-Hasan (al-Imam Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Fadl al-Tabari al-Husaini al-Makki): a critical edition with introduction, a political-historical survey and summary of the unedited part of the manusc
al-Barakati, N.A.S., Ph.D. (1983), Manchester (Bosworth, C.E.)
A critical edition of al-Dibaj al-Khusrunwani fi akhbar a yan al-Mikhlaf al- Sulaymani by al-Hasan b. Ahmad Akish (d. 1290/1874), with detailed introduction
al-Bishri, E.M.A., Ph.D. (1988), Durham (Smith, G.R.)