Theses completed (UK)

Military organization in early Islam, A.H. 1-40/622-61 A.D.
Al-Dosari, Ali S. Al-Naseef, Ph.D. (1998), Manchester
Ibn Sa'ud's early foreign policy towards the Rashidi emirate and the kingdom of Hijaz, in light of British imperial policy, 1914-27.
Al-Enazy, A.H., Ph.D. (2006), Cambridge
The fall of the 'Abbasids in A.H. 656/A.D. 1258.
Al-Ghamdi, S.M.M., Ph.D. (1980), Exeter
The development of the Iraq oil industry and the role of the Iraq National Oil Company, 1925-74.
Al-Haidari, B.R.N., Ph.D. (1976), Council for National Academic Awards
The Caliphate and the Turks, 232-56/847-70: a political study.
Al-Haideri, S.A.H.M., Ph.D. (1979), St. Andrews
The Hejaz railway, 1900-18: policy objectives and consequences
Al-Hameed, A.M., Ph.D. (1989), Essex (Stanwood, F.J.)
The social structure of Bilad al-Sham or Syria during the Umayyad period
Al-Hasan, A.S., M.Phil. (1987), Manchester (Bosworth, C.E.)
The Arab tribe of Abd al-Qays in pre-Islamic and early Islamic times to the end of the Umayyad period
Al-Hasan. , A.S., Ph.D. (1990), Manchester (Bosworth, C.E.)
Relations between Oman and the states of eastern Arabia, 1804-56, as shown in the Kitab Badr al-Tamam fi Sirat Said b. Sultan of Ibn Ruzayq
Al-Hashimy, S.M.b.S., M.Phil. (1990), Leeds (Young, M.J.L.)
State formation in Oman, 1861-70.
Al-Hinai, Abdulmalik A., Ph.D. (2000), London (Halliday, Fred)
State formation in Oman, 1861-1970.
Al-Hinai, Abdulmalik A., Ph.D. (2000), London (Halliday, Fred)
Relations between the Yaman and S. Arabia during the Zaydi Imamate of Al al-Qasim, 1626-1732.
Al-Hiyed, A.-A.H., Ph.D. (1973), Edinburgh (Watt, W.M.; Walsh, J.R.)
Makran and Baluchistan from the early Islamic conquests to the Mongol invasion
al-Humaidi, S.I.S., Ph.D. (1988), Manchester (Bosworth, C.E.)
The social and political history of the provinces of Baghdad and Basra, 1688-1749.
Al-Humaydan, A.A.-L.N., Ph.D. (1975), Manchester
The Arab Nationalist movement, 1952-61
Al-Hussaini, M., Ph.D. (1987), Salford
The southern cemetery of Cairo from the 14th century to the present: an urban history of a living cemetery.
Al-Ibrashy, May A., Ph.D. (2005), London
'Abdallah ibn 'Umar ibn al-Khattab.
Al-Imam, F.M.N., M.A. (1980), Durham
The Palestinian national movements inside Israel: a study of their emergence, structure and objectives, 1948-90.
Al-Jafari, W.A., Ph.D. (1991), Exeter
Nationalism in Iraq, 1936-41: Rashid Ali and foreign involvement.
Al-Jamil, K., Ph.D. (1978), Keele
The development of income maintenance schemes for employed workers in Iraq between 1936 and 1972.
Al-Jebouri, T.K.I., M.Sc. (1980), Stirling