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Browse theses in progress from Belfast

Hit songs and their significance in 17th-century England.
Hodson, Robert, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2015), Belfast (Marsh, Christopher) in progress
Belfast Corporation, 1880-1914: managing a mature industrial city.
Irwin, Stuart, Ph.D. (2012), Belfast (Connolly, Sean J.) in progress
Representing the Troubles: contested histories, critical museology and conflict exhibitions.
Jackson, Matthew, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2015), Belfast (McGarry, Fearghal) in progress
Missionary masculinity: Irish Presbyterian missionaries in India, China and Nigeria, 1840-1910.
Jamieson, Catherine, Ph.D. (2014), Belfast (Morier-Genoud, Eric) in progress
The lodging ranges of medieval England: a study of the architecture and inhabitants.
Kerr, Sarah, Ph.D. (2015), Belfast (Gardiner, Mark) in progress
Defining America: the politics of citizenship and national identity in the United States, 1844-50.
Laughlin, Aoife, Ph.D. (2011), Belfast (Stanosis, Anthony) in progress
Geography and eugenics in Britain and the United States, 1900-50.
Lavery, Colm, Ph.D. (2015), Belfast (Finnegan, Diarmid) in progress
‘Baby wanted’: pre-legislation adoption in Ireland, 1800-1952.
Lavery, Lisa, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2015), Belfast (O'Dowd, Mary) in progress
Jewish identity and community in Belfast, 1920-48.
Linden, Pamela, Ph.D. (2011), Belfast (Gray, Peter) in progress
The archaeology of the Nine Years’ War.
Logue, Paul, Ph.D. (2015), Belfast (Horning, Audrey) in progress
The fire this time: media, myth, memory and the Black Power movement.
MacMichael, Conall, Ph.D. (2012), Belfast (Kelly, Brian) in progress
Equestrianism as a cultural intrusion to late prehistoric Ireland.
Maguire, Rena, Ph.D. (2015), Belfast (Brandherm, Dirk) in progress
Post-war cinema-going in the United Kingdom: a comparative analysis of Belfast and Sheffield.
Manning, Sam, Ph.D. (2014), Belfast (O'Connell, Sean) in progress
From unwanted to needed: African Americans in combat, World War II through Vietnam.
Maxwell, Jeremy, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2012), Belfast (Clinton, Catherine) in progress
Bristol, Norwich and the three Edwards, 1272-1350.
McCallum, Robin, Ph.D. (2012), Belfast (Davis, James) in progress
A 19th-century Irish coroner: William Charles Waddell (1846-76).
McCann, Michelle, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2015), Belfast (Gray, Peter) in progress
An economic analysis of the performance of railways in Ireland, 1834-1912, with specific consideration of demand and its determinants.
McGeehan, Harry, Ph.D. (2015), Belfast (Royle, Stephen) in progress
Power, profit and plantocracy: the second earl of Belmore and Jamaican slavery.
McGrath, Grace, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2012), Belfast (Clinton, Catherine) in progress
Landscapes of continuity or improvement? An historical archaeology of Mourne.
McNeilly, Wills, Ph.D. (2015), Belfast (Horning, Audrey) in progress
The rise of Bangor as a seaside resort, 1830-99.
Millsopp, Sandra, Ph.D. (2008), Belfast (Connolly, Sean J.) in progress