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Browse theses in progress from Southampton

Negotiating divine power at ground level: interpreting patristic and rabbinic interaction with the divine in late antique Mesopotamia.
Barnes, Bradley, Ph.D. (2013), Southampton (Levene, Dan) in progress
Screening Jews and Jewishness in British television comedy, 1965-90.
Byrne, Christopher, M.Phil. (2015), Southampton (Jordan, James) in progress
Screening Jewishness: Representations of Jews in British Situation Comedy, 1965-1990.
Byrne, Christopher S., Ph.D. (2014), Southampton (Jordan, James; Colpus, Eve) in progress
Observation, diagnosis, triage and treatment: punishing English heresy as a medicinal process in the 12th and 13th centuries.
Coley, Suzanne, M.Phil. (2015), Southampton (Karn, Nicholas) in progress
Military pensions in the 18th century: the Royal Chelsea Hospital.
Cormack, Andrew, Ph.D., Southampton (Holmes, Richard; Oldfield, John R.) in progress
Contested memory: new perspectives on the Kindertransport.
Craig-Norton, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2013), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony)) in progress
Great Britain and the Polish question, c.1830-60.
Cybowski, Milosz, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Brown, David) in progress
The Liberals and the Irish Parliamentary Party, 1906-14.
Doherty, James, Ph.D. (2013), Southampton (Kelly, Matt) in progress
From the Conciliation Bill to the Free State: gender in the Irish national press.
Dunbar, Holly, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Kelly, Matthew; McDermid, Jane) in progress
The artisan in Tudor Southampton: burgess, freeman or alien.
Fairbrother, Louise, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Hayward, Maria) in progress
‘To supplement but not to supplant’: the U.S. Embassy in Saigon and the American effort in Vietnam, 1950-7.
Ferguson, Alex, Ph.D. (2013), Southampton (Oliver, Kendrick) in progress
Fashion merchants and luxury clothing for women: Paris, 1795-1848.
Ffoulkes, Fiona, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Hayward, Maria) in progress
Contemporary Jewish responses to interfaith dialogue.
Fidler, Wendy, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony)) in progress
Paulus Hungarus and Damasus: two Hungarian canonists in early 13th-century Bologna.
Gallai, Gergely, M.Phil., Southampton (Clarke, Peter D.) in progress
English seafarer communities in the later middle ages: a study in socio-economics and geographical mobility of a multi-faceted occupational group.
Gibson, Brenna, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Lambert, Craig; Karn, Nicholas; Woolgar, Chris) in progress
Gang crime and moral panics in 18th-century England.
Hammerton, Christopher, M.Phil. (2011), Southampton (Gammon, Julie) in progress
'The real meaning of our work': religion in Jewish boys and girls clubs, 1886-1939.
Holdorph, Anne, Ph.D. (2013), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony)) in progress
John of Gaunt’s Register, 1371-83.
Holdorph, Rebecca, M.Phil. (2013), Southampton (Curry, Anne) in progress
Becoming a queen in France, Poland-Lithuania, and the Holy Roman Empire, 1501-76: ceremonies of marriage, coronation and childbirth.
Kosier, Katarzyna, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Hayward, Maria; Hunt, Alice) in progress
South African Jews in British entertainment and culture.
Kretzmer-Lockwood, Danielle, M.Phil. (2014), Southampton (Jordan, James; Gilbert, Shirli) in progress