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Islam in Zimbabwe: a study of religious developments from the 16th to the 20th century
Mandivenga, E.C., Ph.D. (1986), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.; Shaw, R.)
Politics, economics and the problems of Protestant church leadership in Africa: the case of the Unevangelized Fields Mission and the Communaute Episcopale Evangelique au Zaire
McAllister, W., Ph.D. (1986), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.; Hastings, A.)
Adam Smith and Adam Ferguson: philosophy, economic change and class limitations in 18th-century Scotland
Dey, M., Ph.D. (1985), Aberdeen (Molland, A.G.; Fisher, N.W.)
The Qua Iboe Mission, 1887-1945
Graham, R.J. , Ph.D. (1985), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
Winston Churchill and European integration
Harrison, R.V., Ph.D. (1985), Aberdeen
`The once and future kingdom': Kongo models of renewal in the church at Ngombe Lutete and in the Kimbanguist movement
MacKay, D.J., Ph.D. (1985), Aberdeen (Hastings, A.; Walls, A.F.)
Spirit possession and Tumbuka Christians, 1875-1950
Ncozana, S.S., Ph.D. (1985), Aberdeen
The Anglican mission to Asaba, 1875-1930
Onyeidu, S.O. , Ph.D. (1985), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
A comparison of the land problem in Algeria and Kenya in its historical, social, political and economic contexts to the mid 1970s, with special reference to the effects of settler dominance
Serour, Fatiha , Ph.D. (1985), Aberdeen (Bridges, R.C.; Kemp, A.G.)
Settlement and economy in Highland and Highland-edge Perthshire, with particular reference to shealings, c.1600-1700
Bil. , A., Ph.D. (1984), Aberdeen (Coull, J.R.)
`All things to all men'? Protestant missionary identification in theory and practice, 1860-1910, with special reference to the London Missionary Society in central Africa and central China.
Bonk, J.J., Ph.D. (1984), Aberdeen (Walls, A.P.)
'Negro subversion': the investigation of black unrest and radicalism by agencies of the United States government, 1917-20
Ellis, C.M.D., Ph.D. (1984), Aberdeen (Ranson, E.)
The lairds of 18th-century Orkney
Fereday, R.P., Ph.D. (1984), Aberdeen (Withrington, D.J.)
The history of the Congo Evangelistic Mission / Communaute Pentecotiste au Zaire
Garrard, D.J., Ph.D. (1984), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
Emigration from the North East of Scotland, 1830-80
Harper, Marjory A.D., Ph.D. (1984), Aberdeen (Withrington, D.J.)
Formation of the 19th-century missionary worldview: the case of James Chalmers
Hitchen. , J.M., Ph.D. (1984), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
The development of Pentecostal Christianity in western Kenya, with particular reference to Maragoli, Nyang'ori and Tiriki, 1909-42
Kasiera, E.M. , Ph.D. (1984), Aberdeen (Hastings, A.)
The origins of nationalism in Algeria, Gold Coast and South Africa, with special reference to the period 1919-37
Lahouel, Badra, Ph.D. (1984), Aberdeen (Hargreaves, J.D.)
The development of official Anglican interest in world mission, 1783-1809, with special reference to Bishop Beilby Porteus
McKelvie, G.D., Ph.D. (1984), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
Church growth and self-reliance in Zambia: the indigenous United Church of Zambia
Owoh, A.C., Ph.D. (1984), Aberdeen