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Patrick Copland, 1748-1822
Reid, J.S., M.Litt. (1984), Aberdeen (Molland, A.G.)
Studies in the growth of smaller communities in 19th-century Aberdeenshire
Wood, S., M.Litt. (1984), Aberdeen
Religion and social change amongst the indigenous peoples of the Malaypeninsula
bin Kasimin, Amran, Ph.D. (1983), Aberdeen (Forbes, A.D.W.)
British colonial policy towards higher education in West Africa and the foundation of university institutions, 1939-51
Borsali, Fawsi, Ph.D. (1983), Aberdeen (Hargreaves, J.D.)
The earls of Strathearn from the 12th to the mid 14th century, with an edition of their written acts
J. Neville. , Cynthia, Ph.D. (1983), Aberdeen (Simpson, G.G.)
The dynamics of Methodism in Sierra Leone, 1860-1911: western European influence and culture in church development
Shyllon, L.E.T., Ph.D. (1983), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
Trade between Scotland and the Low Countries in the later middle ages
Stevenson, A.W.K., Ph.D. (1983), Aberdeen (Simpson, G.G.)
The 1853 Government of India Act
Thomas, Jane B., M.Litt. (1983), Aberdeen (Tyzack, Rosemary M.; Bridges, R.C.)
The king's council, patronage and the governance of Scotland, 1460-1513
Chalmers, T.M., Ph.D. (1982), Aberdeen (Macfarlane, L.J.; Simpson, G.G.)
The mission-state relationship in Kenya, 1888-1938
Githige, R.M., Ph.D. (1982), Aberdeen (Hastings, A.)
Gideon M. Urhobo and the God's Kingdom Society in Nigeria
Ilega, D.I., Ph.D. (1982), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
Britain, the United States and Scandinavian security problems, 1945-9.
Turner, H., Ph.D. (1982), Aberdeen
A religious history of the Isoko people of the Bendel State of Nigeria
Akama, E.S, Ph.D. (1981), Aberdeen
'Faith and facts' in the history of the China Inland Mission, 1832-1905
MacKay, Moira J., M.Litt. (1981), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.)
Patterns in the agriculture of N.E. Scotland, 1600-1800, with particular relevance to the agricultural improving movement
Moir. , I.A., Ph.D. (1981), Aberdeen (Coull, J.R.)
The historical development of the Anglican Church among the Abaluyia, 1905-55
Omulokoli, W.O., Ph.D. (1981), Aberdeen (Hastings, A.)
West African precursor of the reign of Christ: the thought of William Wade Harris
Shank, D.A., Ph.D. (1981), Aberdeen (Walls, A.F.; Hastings, A.)
A demographic study of St. Paul's parish, Valletta, Malta, 1595-1798, using the method of family reconstruction.
McLeman, Jessie, Ph. D. (1980), Aberdeen (Payne, P.L.; Mallet, Ann)
The origins and development of literacy in English and old Calabar, to c.1860.
Shepherd, A., M.Litt. (1980), Aberdeen (Hargreaves, J.D.)
The works of Jehan Creton: a critical edition.
Stewart, Lorna A., Ph. D. (1980), Aberdeen (Laidlaw, J. C.)