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An archaeology of sensory experience: pilgrimage in the medieval church, c.1170-c.1550.
Wells, Emma J., Ph.D. (2013), Durham (Graves, Pam; Skeates, Robin; Scarre, Chris)
Byzantine finewares in Italy (10th-14th centuries A.D.): social and economic contexts in the Mediterranean world.
D'Amico, Erica, Ph.D. (2012), Durham (Leone, Anna; Gerrard, Chris)
Anglo-Saxon stone sculpture in Mercia as evidence of continental influence and cultural exchange.
Dales, Gwendoline, Ph.D. (2012), Durham (Semple, Sarah)
The jungle tide: 'collapse' in early medieval Sri Lanka.
Strickland, Keir, Ph.D. (2012), Durham (Coningham, Robin)
The use of ceramic building material in the early medieval period in north-west France and south-east England: a luminescence dating approach.
Blain, Sophie E.L., Ph.D. (2010), Durham (Bailiff, Ian)
Stress along the medieval Anglo-Scottish border? Skeletal indicators of conflict-zone health.
Jennings, Jaime, Ph.D. (2010), Durham (Roberts, Charlotte; Graves, Pam)
Trinkets and charms: the use, meaning and significance of later medieval and early post-medieval dress accessories.
Standley, Eleanor R., Ph.D. (2010), Durham (Gerrard, Chris; Graves, Pam)
Urbanisation and the urban landscape: building medieval Bury St. Edmunds.
Antrobus, Abby L., Ph.D. (2009), Durham (Graves, Pam; Gerrard, Chris; Bailiff, Ian)
Animal visual culture in the middle ages: an archaeological study of animal representations in Britain.
Phillips, Sarah J.F.S., Ph.D. (2008), Durham (Graves, Pam; Rowley-Conwy, Peter)
Health in southern and eastern England: a perspective on the early medieval period.
Arce, Alvaro L., Ph.D. (2007), Durham (Roberts, Charlotte; Millard, Andrew)
Sixteenth-century Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Heley, Gwendolynn, Ph.D. (2007), Durham
Growth of Newcastle 'villages'.
Morrison, Jennifer, M.A. (2007), Durham
Interlaced animal designs in Bernicia examined in the light of the concept of those in the Lindisfarne gospels.
Adcock, Gwenda, Ph.D. (2002), Durham (Graves, C. Pamela)
Anglo-Saxon churches.
Blockley, Kevin, M.Phil. (2001), Durham
Houses and households in County Durham and Newcastle, c.1570-1730.
Green, Adrian G., Ph.D. (2000), Durham
The collecting activities of Sir John Lubbock (1834-1913).
Owen, Janet E., Ph.D. (2000), Durham
The Durham mint: the control, organization, profits and output of an ecclesiastical mint.
Allen, Martin R., Ph.D. (1999), Durham
The appropriation of meaning: an examination of Roman stones re-used in an Anglo-Saxon context.
Catling, Joanne E., M.A. (1999), Durham
Excavated 16th-century glass from five English towns: a preliminary investigation of status and the role of the glass in the social context of dining.
Willmott, Hugh B., M.A. (1996), Durham (Price, Jenny; Johnson, Matthew H.)
The maritime cultural landscape of Viking and late Norse Orkney.
Allen, formerly Bowman, Anne, Ph.D. (1995), Durham (Hamerow, Helena F.; Millett, M.J.)