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Romans and Goths in late antique Gaul: aspects of political and cultural assimilation in the 5th century A.D.
Rückert, Julia, Ph.D. (2011), Durham (Hunt, E.D.)
Touching the gods: physical interaction with cult statues in the Roman world.
Weddle, Polly, Ph.D. (2010), Durham (Schultze, Clemence E.; Kaizer, Ted)
The campaigns of Alexander the Great.
English, Stephen, Ph.D. (2009), Durham (Rhodes, P. J.)
Tribal territories from the Humber to the Tyne: an analysis of artefactual and settlement patterning in the late Iron Age and early Roman periods.
Ross, Catherine R., Ph.D. (2009), Durham (Schultze, Clemence E.; Brickstock, R.J.)
The collapse of palatial society in late Bronze Age Greece and the post-palatial period.
Middleton, Guy, Ph.D. (2008), Durham (Dickinson, O.T.; Rowe, D.J.)
Athenian taxation from the Pisistratids to Lycurgus, 550-325 B.C.
Fawcett, Peter W., Ph.D. (2007), Durham
Empire of coercion: Rome, its ruler and his soldiers.
Foulkes, Martin E., Ph.D. (2006), Durham
Philochorus and the tradition of local historical writing at Athens: genre, ideology and methodology in the reconstruction and presentation of Attic history.
Joyce, Christopher J., Ph.D. (2002), Durham (Rhodes, P.J.)
The evolution of Roman frontier fortification systems in the lower Danube provinces, 1st-2nd centuries A.D.
Karavas, John N., Ph.D. (2002), Durham (Hunt, E.D.; Millett, P.)
An analysis of the generalship of Alexander III of Macedon: undermining or underlining greatness?
Boardman, Andrew P., M.A. (1999), Durham (Rhodes, Peter J.)
The Greeks and their foreign friendships, 435-336 B.C.
Mitchell, Lynette G., Ph.D. (1994), Durham (Rhodes, P.J.)