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Anti-Catholicism in the north-east during the mid 19th century.
Bush, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2012), Durham (Gilley, Sheridan W.)
Irish Protestant migrants in the Scottish episcopal diocese of Glasgow and Galloway 1817-1929.
Meredith, Ian, Ph.D. (2007), Durham
The life of Christopher Dawson.
Carter, Stephen G., Ph.D. (2006), Durham
The development of mission theology and praxis at Cliffe College, with references to its antecedents and history.
Mellor, G. Howard, Ph.D. (2006), Durham
The development of the concept of authority within the Russian Orthodox church.
Petrenko, Vitali, Ph.D. (2005), Durham (Louth, A.)
Theological controversy in the 7th century concerning activities and wills in Christ.
Hovorun, Serhii, Ph.D. (2004), Durham (Louth, Andrew)
Stephen Gardiner and the origins of Erastian Catholicism, c.1528-1547.
Austen, James F., M.A. (2002), Durham (Gilley, Sheridan W.)
A study of episcopacy in Northumbria, 620-735.
Gaunt, Adam, M.A. (2002), Durham (Gilley, Sheridan W.)
The liturgical vision of Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin.
Powell, Christabel J., Ph.D. (2002), Durham (Gilley, Sheridan W)
Imperial ideology in Middle Byzantine court culture: the evidence of Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus's De Ceremoniis.
Woodrow, Zoe A., Ph.D. (2002), Durham (Louth, Andrew)
John Tillotson: a reappraisal
Facer, Peter, M.Litt. (2001), Durham (Ford, G. Alan)
Late 18th- and 19th-century ecclesiology.
Pickett, Richard J., M.A. (2001), Durham
The life and work of John Patrick Crichton Stuart, 3rd marquess of Bute.
Hannah, Rosemary, Ph.D. (2000), Durham (Gilley, Sheridan W.)
Methodism in Gibraltar and its mission in Spain, 1769-1842.
Jackson, Susan I., Ph.D. (2000), Durham (Gilley, Sheridan W.)
E.B. Pusey and his relations with Germany.
Mosig, Jörg, Ph.D. (2000), Durham (Gilley, Sheridan W.)
The politico-religious usage of the Queen's Chapel, 1623-88.
Baldwin, David J.P., M.Litt. (1999), Durham (Ford, G. Alan)
The evolving reputation of Richard Hooker: an examination of responses to the Ecclesiastical Polity, 1640-1714.
Brydon, Michael A., Ph.D. (1999), Durham (Ford, G. Alan)
The comte de Chambord and the church in France.
Guyver, Christopher M., M.A. (1999), Durham (Gilley, Sheridan W.)
The perils of facilité: a study of the career and published works of Alfred de Falloux (1811-86).
Guyver, Christopher M., M.A. (1999), Durham (Gilley, Sheridan W.)
History of Methodism in Gibraltar.
Jackson, Susan, Ph.D. (1999), Durham (Gilley, Sheridan W.)