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Mid. E. Stud

The military institution during the first period of Abbasid rule.
Al-Mutairi, Rakan, Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Newman, Andrew J.)
The representation of the question of Jerusalem in the British press, 1967-2000: The Times, the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph.
Al-Najjar, Abeer I.M., Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh
The Seljuqs.
Basan, Osman Aziz, Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Hillenbrand, Carole)
Attempting to bring the gospel home: Scottish Presbyterian churches' missionary efforts to the Christians, Jews and Muslims of Palestine, 1839-1917.
Marten, Michael A., Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Chalcraft, John)
The development of the Mamluk land tenure in Egypt 697/1297-882/1477.
Al-Wahaibi, Khalid K., Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Hillenbrand, Carole; McDonald, Michael V.)
British policy towards Transcaucasia, 1917-21.
Caglayan, Kaya T., Ph.D. (1997), Edinburgh (Sabri-Tabrizi, G. Reza; Suleiman, Michael W.)
Wine and Islam: the dichotomy between theory and practice in early Islamic history.
Feins, Daniel S., Ph.D. (1997), Edinburgh (Hillenbrand, Carole; McDonald, Michael V.)
The Middle Eastern influence on the development of religious and political thought in Malay society, 1880-1940.
Othman, Mohammad R., Ph.D. (1995), Edinburgh (McDonald, M.V.; Howard, I.K.A.)
The history of Ottoman Egypt in the 17th century: some unpublished sources.
Yusoff, Kamaruzzaman bin, Ph.D. (1995), Edinburgh (Hillenbrand, Carole; Howard, I.K.A.)
The contribution of 'Abd al-Basit to Mamluk historiography: a critical edition of parts of his unpublished work, Nayl al-Amal.
Al-Wahaibi, Khalid K.N., M.Litt. (1992), Edinburgh (Hillenbrand, Carole; McDonald, M.V.)