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Foreign news gathering and reporting in the London and Devon press - the Anglo-Zulu war, 1879: a case study.
Mannings, Stephen, Ph.D. (2005), Exeter
The Roman-medieval transition in the Essex landscape: a study in persistence, continuity and change.
Morris, Brynmor W., Ph.D. (2005), Exeter
Naval defence policy and the House of Commons: a study of parliamentary commentary over naval issues, 1919-29.
Westphal, Jr, Raymond W., Ph.D. (2005), Exeter
Early Quakers in Cornwall, 1656-1750.
Griffith, Patricia M., Ph.D. (2004), Exeter
Factional pasts: the shifting relations between 19th-century historiography and historical fiction, 1814-70.
Jenkin, Oliver D.P., Ph.D. (2004), Exeter
Ethnographic curiosity and the aesthetics of othering: 19th-century British representations of Argentine Patagonia.
Peñaloza, Maria F., Ph.D. (2004), Exeter
Henry VIII and the English military establishment.
Raymond, James J., Ph.D. (2004), Exeter (Black, Jeremy; Barry, Jonathan)
Roman noble self-presentation as an influence on the historiographical tradition of early Rome.
Richardson, James H., Ph.D. (2004), Exeter
Transformations and adaptations: the English landed gentry, 1870-1939.
Rothery, Mark D., Ph.D. (2004), Exeter (Rees, Timothy; Thorpe, Andrew)
Silver mining in England and Wales, 1066-1500.
Claughton, Peter F., Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Burt, Roger; Whittle, Jane C.)
The role of the Royal Navy in the amphibious assaults in the Second World War.
Howcroft, Ivor, Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Duffy, Michael; Rodger, Nicholas A.M.)
The operation of the 1930 Mental Treatment Act in local psychiatric hospitals: the introduction of voluntary patients and new treatment regimes in the Devon Mental Hospital, 1931-8.
Pearce, David N., Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Melling, Joseph L.; Webster, Charles)
Identity, conflict and compromise: the Russian nobility, 1917-24.
Rendle, Matthew, Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Donald, Moira; Rees, Timothy)
The heritage in heritage tourism: a case study of Devon, 1940-2000.
Rowe, Helen C., Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Shaw, Gareth; Brace, Catherine)
Politics in Truro surrounding the 1835 Municipal Corporations Act.
Thomson, David M.G., Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Coleman, Bruce I.; Tregidga, G.)
Naval surgeons, surgery and the impact of the Great French War, 1793-1815.
Wallace, Janice I., Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Duffy, Michael; Barry, Jonathan)
Conservative women, the Conservative party and the campaign for women's suffrage, 1867-1914.
Auchterlonie, Mitzi M., Ph.D. (2002), Exeter (Coleman, Bruce I.; Thorpe, Andrew J.)
Albion's sisters: a study of trades directories and female economic participation in the mid 19th century.
Foster, David, Ph.D. (2002), Exeter (Shaw, Gareth; Coles, Tim)
The pressures for immigration restriction in the Pacific Northwest, 1890-1924.
Allerfeldt, Kristofer M., Ph.D. (2001), Exeter (Noakes, Jeremy D.; Smith, Joseph)
Symbolic representation on maps: the Ordnance Survey and windmills.
Bignell, William, Ph.D. (2001), Exeter (Kain, Roger J.P.)