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The Lincolnshire marsh: landscape evolution, settlement development and the salt industry.
Fenwick, Helen, Ph.D. (2007), Hull
The life, educational philosophy and practice of William Joseph Petre (1847-93).
Foster, Stewart K., Ph.D. (2007), Hull
Economic growth in a slave plantation society: the case of Jamaica, 1750-1805.
Reid, Ahmed, Ph.D. (2007), Hull (Turner, Michael; Richardson, David)
The Anglican Church in the East Riding of Yorkshire, c.1740-1860, with particular reference to the economic aspects.
Bowes, David J., M.Phil. (2006), Hull
The buildings of 'High Farming' in Lincolnshire.
Brook, Shirley A., Ph.D. (2006), Hull
'Aliens en route': transmigration through U.K. ports, 1836-1914.
Evans, Nicholas J., Ph.D. (2006), Hull
Gestapo informants in Nazi Germany and the occupied territories, 1933-45.
Hall, Claire M., Ph.D. (2006), Hull
War, politics and the English aristocracy, 1272-1314.
Simpkin, David, Ph.D. (2006), Hull
Patterns and processes of migration to the port of Hull in the second half of the 19th century: an examination of the movement and settlement of migrants from the rural hinterland and continental Europe.
Smale, Michael A., Ph.D. (2006), Hull
Aspects of Portuguese rule in the Arabian Gulf, 1521-1622.
al Salman, Mohammed, Ph.D. (2005), Hull (Goski, Richard)
The lands west of the lakes: the history of Ajattappareng, South Sulawesi, A.D. 1200-1600.
Druce, Stephen C., Ph.D. (2005), Hull
Perceptions of women in the narrative histories of Crusading and the Latin East
Hodgson, Natasha R., Ph.D. (2005), Hull (Haseldine, Julian P.)
John Hardyng's Chronicle: a study of the two versions and a critical edition of both for the period 1327-1464.
Peverley, Sarah L., Ph.D. (2004), Hull
The presence of magic in the middle ages, particularly the incorporation of pagan beliefs into Christianity within the British Isles.
Grabove, Jennifer L., Ph.D. (2003), Hull (Haseldine, Julian P.)
The role of women in the maritime community of the Åland Isles during the 20th century.
Hagmark, Hanna, Ph.D. (2003), Hull (Starkey, David J.)
The political economy of Anglo-American naval relations: pirates, slaves and the equatorial Atlantic, 1819-63.
Hunter, Mark C., Ph.D. (2003), Hull (Starkey, David J.)
Roman Catholic educational provision within the diocese of Salford, 1870-1944.
Lannon, David, Ph.D. (2003), Hull (McClelland, V. Alan)
'A simple, rare, truly elect soul': the troubled life of Richard Waldo Sibthorp, 1792-1879.
Trott, Michael J., Ph.D. (2003), Hull (McClelland, V. Alan)
'For a decent order in the church': ceremony, culture and community in an early Stuart diocese.
Abraham, Peter L., Ph.D. (2002), Hull (Burgess, P. Glenn)
Slave societies in Jamaica and Surinam.
Altink, Henrice, Ph.D. (2002), Hull (Richardson, David)