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Land tenure in the East Riding of Yorkshire, c.1730-1925.
Craven, Martin, Ph.D. (2002), Hull (Turner, Michael E.)
West Indian slave revolts and the British discourse on slave emancipation, c.1790-1833.
Matthews, Gelien, Ph.D. (2002), Hull (Richardson, David; Eltis, David)
'State of nature or Eden'? Thomas Hobbes and his contemporaries on the natural condition of human beings.
Thornton, Helen C., Ph.D. (2002), Hull (Burgess, P. Glenn)
The Republican party and Civil Rights, 1928-48.
Topping, Simon, Ph.D. (2002), Hull (White, John)
The English folk music movement 1898-1914.
Bearman, Christopher J., Ph.D. (2001), Hull
Ideal and practice: aspects of noble life in late Elizabethan and Jacobean England
Danushevskaya, Anna V., Ph.D. (2001), Hull (Burgess, P. Glenn)
Anglo-Norman defence strategy in selected English border and maritime counties, 1066-87.
Richardson, Kay M., Ph.D. (2001), Hull (Palmer, John J.N.)
The early modern demographic dynamic: celibates and celibacy in 17th-century England.
Spicksley, Judith M., Ph.D. (2001), Hull (Woodward, Donald M.)
The logical outcome of the non-slaveholders' philosophy? Hinton Rowan Helper on race and class in the antebellum South.
Brown, David, Ph.D. (2000), Hull (Billington, Louis)
Charles Knight: a highly useful man.
Gray, Valerie, M.Phil. (2000), Hull (Reid, Douglas A.)
A brief overview of British Gurkha military history from inception to the present, 1815-1999.
Gurung, Chandra Bahadur, M.A. (2000), Hull (Omissi, David E.)
The personnel of castles in England and Wales, 1272-1422.
Rickard, John, Ph.D. (2000), Hull (Ayton, Andrew C.)
'Unnatural and unexpected vicissitudes': British maritime enterprise and the American Civil War.
Ashcroft, Neil, Ph.D. (1999), Hull (Richardson, David)
'Unnatural and unexpected vicissitudes': British maritime enterprise and the American Civil War, 1856-70.
Ashcroft, Neil R., Ph.D. (1999), Hull (Richardson, David)
The 14th-century sheriff: English local administration in the late middle ages.
Gorski, Richard C., Ph.D. (1999), Hull (Ayton, Andrew C.)
The question of planning in the campaign against segregated education by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 1909-54.
Jarvis, Nigel, M.Phil./Ph.D. (1999), Hull (White, John)
The role of women in Singapore: collaboration and conflict between capitalism and Asian values.
Oiwa, Sumiko, M.Phil. (1999), Hull (Blackman, Janet M.)
The personnel of English and Welsh castles, 1272-1422.
Rickard, John, Ph.D. (1999), Hull (Ayton, Andrew C.)
Early limestone railways of south-east Wales.
van Laun, John, Ph.D. (1999), Hull (Lewis, Michael J.)
Nature and the Victorian entrepreneur: soap, sunlight and subjectivity.
Bergin, John P., Ph.D. (1998), Hull