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Parliamentary enclosure in eastern Yorkshire, 1725-1860
Crowther, Janice E., Ph.D. (1983), Hull (Woodward, D.M.)
The London gasworks: a technical, commercial and labour history to 1914
Matthews, D., Ph.D. (1983), Hull
Malay-Muslim political participation in Sarawak and Sabah, 1841-1951
Osman. , Sabihah, Ph.D. (1983), Hull (Bassett, D.K.)
The financing and production of private housing in Britain before 1940
Cullen, A.P., Ph.D. (1982), Hull
The development of full-time elementary education for the lower orders during the 19th century, with special reference to schooling in Hessle, Hull, Kirk Ella, Swanland and North Ferriby
Davidson, L.M., Ph.D. (1982), Hull
Government and the development of a specialized urban system: the case of the Royal Naval dockyard towns of Great Britain
Harris. , T.M., Ph.D. (1982), Hull (Harris, A.)
The origins and development of the I.L.P. in Manchester and Salford, 1880-1914
Reid, C.A. Naomi, Ph.D. (1982), Hull (Saville, J.)
The role of Unitarianism in the formation of liberal culture, 1775-1851: a social history
Seed. , J.A., Ph.D. (1982), Hull (Nield, K.H.)
John Dee and the 'Sidney group': cosmopolitics and Protestant 'activism' in the 1570s
Yewbrey. , G.R., Ph.D. (1982), Hull (Lloyd, H.A.)
The oriental context for the end of Greek rule in the Hellenistic age
Gordon-Kerr, F.A., Ph.D. (1981), Hull
The social and economic development of Driffield, 1700-1860
Howorth. , P., M.Phil. (1981), Hull (Gillett, E.)
Combination and conflict in the U.K. shipping industry during the late 19th century, with particular reference to the period 1887-94
McConville, J., M.Phil. (1981), Hull (Saville, J.)
The history of British Trotskyism to 1949
Upham. , M.R., Ph.D. (1981), Hull (Saville, J.)
The history of the Evangelical party in the Church of England between 1906 and 1928
Walmsley, J.W., Ph.D. (1981), Hull
Building fluctuations and building societies in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1785-1914
Yeadell. , M.H., M.Phil. (1981), Hull (Saville, J.)
The origins and transformation of the Nonjuror schism, 1670-1715, illustrated by reference to the career, writings and activities of Dr. George Hickes (1642-1715)
Yould, G.M., Ph.D. (1981), Hull
From Puritism to Nonconformity, 1660-89: a study in the development of Protestant dissent, with special reference to Yorkshire.
Anderson, Angela, Ph. D. (1980), Hull (Kenyon, J.P.)
Indentured and free labour in Barbados, 1660-1750.
Beckles, H.McD., Ph.D. (1980), Hull (Saville, J.)
The early history of the wardens of the marches of England toward Scotland, 1296-1377.
Boyle, Marjorie L., M. A. (1980), Hull (Palmer, J.J.N.)
The social and economic development of Driffield in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Howorth, P., M.Phil. (1980), Hull (Gillett, E.)