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British businessmen and the 'scientific' tariff: a study of Joseph Chamberlain's tariff Commission 1903-21, with special reference to the period 1903-13.
Marrison, A.J., Ph.D. (1980), Hull (Blackman, Janet M.)
The voluntarist movement in mid-19th century elementary education.
Allen, Janet E., M.A. (1979), Hull (Lawson, J.)
The commercial crisis of 1847.
Boot, H.M., Ph.D. (1979), Hull (Saville, J.)
Elementary education in N.E. Lindsey, 1870-1914.
Finucane, P.M., M.A. (1979), Hull (Lawson, J.)
The press, medical practice and public health in Hull in the 19th century.
Foster, B., M.Phil. (1979), Hull (Gillett, E.)
The People's Palace for East London: a study of Victorian philanthropy.
Chapman, A., M.Phil. (1978), Hull (Blackman, Janet M.; Rubinstein, D.)
Charles Bradlaugh and the world of popular radicalism, 1833-91.
D'Arcy, F.A., Ph.D. (1978), Hull (Saville, J.)
Finance and the unreformed borough: a critical appraisal of corporate borough finance with particular reference to the boroughs of Nottingham, York and Boston, 1660-1835.
Dawson, Elizabeth J., Ph. D. (1978), Hull (Kenyon, J.P.)
Transatlantic communications and literature in the religious revivals, 1735-45.
Durden, D.S., Ph.D. (1978), Hull
The Forest of Bowland: a study in continuity with particular reference to the Dark Age and Medieval periods.
Higham, Mary C., M.A. (1978), Hull (Harris, A.)
Sulla: a biography
Keaveney, A. P., Ph. D. (1978), Hull
A study of theatrical entertainments in Hull and Barrow-in-Furness, 1850-80.
Lead, B., M.Phil. (1978), Hull
Protestant dissent in England in the reign of james II.
Marshall, D.N., Ph. D. (1978), Hull (Kenyon, J.P.)
Social intervention and the working-class family, 1870-1914.
Minor, Iris, M.Phil. (1978), Hull
Agricultural change in the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1850-80, with special reference to agricultural labour.
Adams, M.G., Ph.D. (1977), Hull (Brown, R.; Richardson, P.D.)
A history of education in Romania.
MacGregor-Hastie, R.A.N., Ph. D. (1977), Hull (Halsall, E.)
The education of the deaf in Hull, 1853-1976.
Priestley, Dorothy E., M.A. (1977), Hull (Lawson, J.)
The standard of living controversy, 1790-1840, with special reference to the agricultural labourers in seven English counties (Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Suffolk).
Richardson, T.L., Ph.D. (1977), Hull (Saville, J.)
Charles the Bold, last Valois duke of Burgundy, 1467-77, and Italy.
Walsh, R.J., Ph. D. (1977), Hull (Vaughan, R.)
Aspects of the Royal Commission on Scientific Instruction and the Advancement of Science (Devonshire Commission), 1870-5, with some reference to the role of T.H. Huxley.
Benn, J.N., B.Phil. (1976), Hull (Bamford, T.W.)