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The Ancient Order of Hibernians: a Belfast-Liverpool comparison, c.1905-34.
Williams, Richard D., M.Phil. (2007), Liverpool
British decline, commercial influence and the provision of technical education on Merseyside between 1870 and 1914.
Burns, David, Ph.D. (2006), Liverpool (Lee, Robert)
The charitable work of the Macclesfield silk manufacturers, 1750-1900.
Griffiths, Sarah J., Ph.D. (2006), Liverpool
From repatriation to revival: continuity and change in the English Benedictine congregation, 1795-1850.
Hood, Alistair A., Ph.D. (2006), Liverpool
The transmission of scientific knowledge from Europe to Latin America: microbiology in Mexico in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Priego, Natalia, Ph.D. (2006), Liverpool
Ideals, masculinity and inheritance: a study of father/son relationships presented in the narrative sources of Iceland and Normandy in the 11th to 13th centuries.
Percivall, Nic, Ph.D. (2005), Liverpool
The rise of the national housebuilder: a history of British housebuilders through the 20th century
Wellings, Frederick, Ph.D. (2005), Liverpool (Lee, W. Robert)
Gender, nation and conquest in William of Malmesbury's Gesta Regum Anglorum
Fenton, Kirsten A., Ph.D. (2004), Liverpool
The property rights and strategies of widows in Iceland and Yorkshire in the 12th and 13th centuries: a comparison.
Ricketts, Philadelphia, Ph.D. (2004), Liverpool (Stafford, Pauline)
The working library of William Ewart Gladstone.
Clayton, Ruth, Ph.D. (2003), Liverpool (Lawrence, Jon M.)
Locality and community in the Whaley Bridge district, 1800-1945.
Craig, Linda, Ph.D. (2002), Liverpool (Lewis, Christopher P.; Lawrence, Jon M.)
Peloponnesian politics, 371-361 B.C.
Gaskell, Edmund, Ph.D. (2002), Liverpool (Davies, John K.)
Trade and trading communities in the late 18th-century Atlantic: Liverpool and Philadelphia.
Haggerty, Sheryllyne, Ph.D. (2002), Liverpool (Power, Michael J.; Kermode, Jennifer I.)
The Irish in north-east Wales, 1851-81.
Jones, Peter, Ph.D. (2002), Liverpool (Swift, Roger; Malcolm, Elizabeth)
Catering personnel on British passenger liners, 1860-1935.
Mäenpää, Sari, Ph.D. (2002), Liverpool (Lee, W. Robert; Milne, Graeme J.; Jarvis, Adrian)
Female domestic service in late Victorian Chester, 1871-1901.
Perry, Jacqueline, Ph.D. (2002), Liverpool (Belchem, John C.)
Historical reliability of Near Eastern literature.
Redondo, Marcio, Ph.D. (2001), Liverpool (Millard, Alan R.)
Rebuilding bridges: Harold Macmillan and the restoration of the special relationship.
Sereno, Victor, M.Phil. (2001), Liverpool
The life experiences of university-educated women: graduates of the University of Liverpool, 1947-79.
Aiston, Sarah J., Ph.D. (2000), Liverpool (Harrop, Sylvia A.)
Socio-economic impact of tropical disease in West Africa, 1900-48.
Chambers, Marisa, Ph.D. (2000), Liverpool (Power, Helen J.)