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Harbours in Roman Egypt.
Parry, John J., Ph.D. (1999), Liverpool (Snape, Steven R.)
Charles I and the distribution of political patronage.
Shepherd, Mark D., Ph.D. (1999), Liverpool (Quintrell, Brian W.)
A social and business history of yachtbuilding.
Collier, William, Ph.D. (1998), Liverpool (Lee, W. Robert)
Contested freedoms: British images of Sierra Leone, 1780-1850.
Downing, Andrea, Ph.D. (1998), Liverpool (Tadman, Michael)
The extent and influence of the Egyptian empire in late bronze age Canaan and Transjordan.
Godwin, Helen J., Ph.D. (1998), Liverpool (Millard, Alan R.)
The diplomatic relations of Hellenistic Crete.
Karafotias, Alexandros, Ph.D. (1998), Liverpool (Davies, John K.)
The educational function of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society, 1840-1990.
Lewis, R. Margaret, Ph.D. (1998), Liverpool (Marsden, William E.)
The clay tobacco pipe-makers of northern Warwickshire and the pipes found in that area.
Melton, Nigel D., M.Phil. (1998), Liverpool (Higgins, D.A.)
Industrial workers, socialist industrialization and the state in Hungary, 1948-58.
Pittaway, Mark D., Ph.D. (1998), Liverpool (Swain, Nigel J.)
Friedrich List and Anglo-German trade relations.
Schwarz, Barbara, M.Phil. (1998), Liverpool (Lee, W. Robert)
Local imperialism: town and empire in Warrington, 1750-1910.
Toole, Janet, Ph.D. (1998), Liverpool (Tadman, Michael)
Manchester, c.1650-1800.
Watmough, Darren C., M.Phil. (1998), Liverpool (Hudson, Patricia)
Male and female slaves in antebellum South Carolina.
West, Emily, Ph.D. (1998), Liverpool (Tadman, Michael)
Genealogies and personalities at Deir-el Medina in the Ramesside period.
Davies, B.G., Ph.D. (1997), Liverpool (Kitchen, Kenneth A.)
University archives.
dos Santos, Vilma, Ph.D. (1997), Liverpool (Allmand, Christopher T.)
Late Victorian and Edwardian images of women and their education in the popular periodical press, with particular reference to the work of L.T. Meade.
Garriock, Jean, Ph.D. (1997), Liverpool (Harrop, Sylvia A.)
The politics of survival: Irish women in outcast Liverpool, 1850-90.
Kanya-Forstner, Martha, Ph.D. (1997), Liverpool (Belchem, John C.)
The role of textual graffiti in ancient Egypt and Nubia.
Peden, Alexander J., Ph.D. (1997), Liverpool (Kitchen, Kenneth A.)
Commerce and culture: the Liverpool merchant elite, c.1790-1850.
Wilson, Arline M., Ph.D. (1997), Liverpool (Belchem, John C.; Kermode, Jennifer I.)
Wealth and community in Liverpool, 1650-1750.
Ascott, Diana E., Ph.D. (1996), Liverpool (Kermode, Jennifer I.; Power, Michael J.)