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A study of P.R.O., Ches. 25/4 (Palatinate of Chester Indictment Roll, 1354-77).
Hill, Phyllis M., M.Phil. (1996), Liverpool (Booth, Paul H.W.; Kermode, Jennifer I.)
The 'equal pay' issue, 1870-1961.
MacDougall, Sylvia, M.Ed. (1996), Liverpool (Betts, R.S.)
The teaching of mathematics to juniors, 1944-90.
Malcolm, Monica, M.Phil. (1996), Liverpool (Marsden, William E.)
River Nile and its impact on leisure in ancient Egypt.
Negm, Magid M. F., Ph.D. (1996), Liverpool (Kitchen, Kenneth A.)
The impact on England of James VI and I.
Newton, Diana R., Ph.D. (1996), Liverpool (Quintrell, Brian W.)
Wentworth and court politics in the 1630s.
Pogson, Fiona, Ph.D. (1996), Liverpool (Quintrell, Brian W.)
China trade metalwork in the 18th-19th centuries.
Worrall, Eldon E., M.Phil. (1996), Liverpool (Davies, John K.)
The difficulties of maintaining a voluntary elementary school: St. Ann's School, Tottenham, 1862-1902.
Johnston, Judith I., M.Ed. (1995), Liverpool (Betts, R.S.)
Demographic study of Penrith, Cumberland, 1557-1812, with particular reference to famine, plague and smallpox.
Scott, Susan, Ph.D. (1995), Liverpool (Power, Michael J.; Lee, W. Robert)
British export performance in the southern cone of Latin America, 1930-70.
Barton, Jonathan R., Ph.D. (1994), Liverpool (Miller, R.M.)
Contrasting experiences of schooling for middle-class girls in a Lancashire industrial town: St. Helens, 1858-1926.
Stirling, P.M., M.Ed. (1994), Liverpool (Harrop, Sylvia A.)
Denominationalists and the operation of the Birkenhead school board, 1893-1903.
Turner, Martin, M.Ed. (1994), Liverpool (Betts, R.S.)
Crime, gender and social order in early modern Cheshire.
Walker, Garthine, Ph.D. (1994), Liverpool (Kermode, Jennifer I.)
James Stuart and the founding of the University Extension Movement, 1866-78.
Ward, M., M.Ed. (1994), Liverpool (Harrop, Sylvia A.)
Party government and political philosophy in modern day France.
Wolfreys, James C., Ph.D. (1994), Liverpool (Belchem, J.C.; Bell, P.M.H.)
Mortality and public health in Bordeaux, 1850-1926.
Compton, Peter, Ph.D. (1993), Liverpool (Lee, W.R.; Keanrs, G.P.)
Student and teacher in 15th-century Florence.
Davies, Jonathan D., Ph.D. (1993), Liverpool (Clough, C.H.)
Historical aspects of charitable gambling.
Douglas, Andrew K.W., Ph.D. (1993), Liverpool (Davies, P.N.)
Demographic change and economic development in Germany, 1850-1913.
Ioannides, Christos, Ph.D. (1993), Liverpool (Lee, W.R.)
Recruitment of English armies in France in the later middle ages.
Jamieson, Neil, Ph.D. (1993), Liverpool (Allmand, C.T.)