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Aspects of Anglo-Scottish relations, 1471-1513
Dunlop. , D., Ph.D. (1988), Liverpool (Clough, C.H.)
Romano-Dalmatian sculpture
Dusevic, Anne M., Ph.D. (1988), Liverpool (Davies, J.K.)
Charitable effort, statutory authorities and the poor in Liverpool, c.1850-1914
Feehan, L.J., Ph.D. (1988), Liverpool (Hennock, E.P.)
Variation in the provision of secondary education in the 19th century: a regional study
Foster, H.J., Ph.D. (1988), Liverpool
Cereal cultivation and land use in ancient Egypt
Gardiner, H.M., Ph.D. (1988), Liverpool
King, government and community in Cumberland and Westmorland, c.1200- c.1400
Howarth, Sarah J.P., Ph.D. (1988), Liverpool (Allmand, C.T.)
Liverpool graveyards
Hughes, Dorothy J., M.Phil. (1988), Liverpool (Hair, P.E.H.)
Shipping policies of the Republic of China on Taiwan, 1950-85: a study of the national fleet development
Lee, M., Ph.D. (1988), Liverpool
West Kirby residential school, 1881-1981
Lewis, Ruby M., M.Phil. (1988), Liverpool (Betts, R.S.)
Popular politics in Liverpool, 1815-50
Moore. , K., M.Phil. (1988), Liverpool (Belchem, J.C.)
The Roman brick and tile industry
Borges, Kathryn A., M.Phil. (1987), Liverpool (Davies, J.K.; Petch, D.F.)
Population change in southern Nigeria, 1930-80
Chiegwe, O., Ph.D. (1987), Liverpool
Women workers and the sexual division of labour: Liverpool, 1890-1939
Grant, L.M., Ph.D. (1987), Liverpool
The school board day industrial schools, 1876-1903
Harris, F.B., Ph.D. (1987), Liverpool
The Ayala family in the service of the Castilian monarchy in the 14th century
Henry, B., M.Phil. (1987), Liverpool
The people of S.W. Lancashire during the second half of the 16th century
Hollinshead, Janet E., Ph.D. (1987), Liverpool (Kermode, Jennifer I.)
The Lancastrian land settlement in Normandy and northern France, 1417-50
Massey, R.A., Ph.D. (1987), Liverpool (Allmand, C.T.)
The harbours of classical Greece, with special reference to those of the Aegean in the classical period
Parry, J.J., M.Phil. (1987), Liverpool (Eames, J.V.H.; Mee, C.B.)
Trade unions, employers and the development of collective bargaining in the tramway and omnibus industry, 1889-1924
Smith. , D.N., Ph.D. (1987), Liverpool (Finch, M.H.J.; Bean, R.)
Aspects of the Christian understanding of the nature of peace in the early middle ages
Starkey, Patricia M., Ph.D. (1987), Liverpool (Allmand, C.T.)