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Henry Page Croft (1st Baron Croft), 1881-1947: the Empire and the Conservative party.
Reece, Jason, M.Phil. (1992), Nottingham (Wrigley, C.J.)
Canal boat people, 1840-1970.
Freer, Wendy J., Ph.D. (1991), Nottingham (Chapman, S.D.)
The life and work of the Reverend Benjamin Godwin: a Baptist response to the Oxford Movement.
Hancock, N.P., M.Phil. (1991), Nottingham
G.S. Fraser: a biography.
Hopewell, J., Ph.D. (1991), Nottingham
Medieval settlement in West Derby hundred, Lancs.
Lewis, Jennifer, Ph.D. (1991), Nottingham (Dixon, P.W.)
Productivity growth and structural change in the U.K. economy and food system, 1954-84.
McDonald, J.R.S., Ph.D. (1991), Nottingham
Wealden houses as illustrative of 15th-century Kentish society.
Roscoe, Judith A., Ph.D. (1991), Nottingham (Dixon, P.W.)
Village and small town in the Roman west country: a study of the larger Romano-British rural settlements of Avon, Somerset and Gloucestershire
Hanley, R., Ph.D. (1990), Nottingham
John Lewyn and the architecture of the northern counties, 1360-1400
Hislop, M.J.B., Ph.D. (1990), Nottingham (Dixon, P.W.)
Educational change in a centralized system: the case of the People's Republic of China, 1949-89.
Jin, Xiaojun, M.Phil. (1990), Nottingham
Ordering the land: the 'preservation' of the English countryside, 1918-39
Matless, D.S., M.Phil. (1990), Nottingham (Daniels, S.J.)
British and American policy with regard to Greece, 1943-7: the transition from British to American patronage.
Frazier, R.L., Ph.D. (1989), Nottingham (Spring, D.W.)
A history of British Assemblies of God
Kay, W.K., Ph.D. (1989), Nottingham (Davies, D.J.)
The Henry Ashwell Company: bleachers, dyers and finishers
Murfet, G.J., M.Phil. (1989), Nottingham (Chapman, S.D.)
Post-medieval pottery in Lincolnshire, 1450-1850
White. , A.J., Ph.D. (1989), Nottingham (Dixon, P.W.)
The economic policies of the German trade unions in the British zone of occupation, 1945-9.
Hubsch, P.H., Ph.D. (1988), Nottingham
Eighteenth-century parkland 'improvement' on the Dukeries' estates of N. Nottinghamshire
Seymour, S., Ph.D. (1988), Nottingham
The history of Derby Municipal Technical College and its successors, 1899-1977
Trevett, M.E., M.Phil. (1988), Nottingham
Policy and practice in the provision of education for clerical skills in England, 1900-80
Burrell, A., M.Phil. (1987), Nottingham
Non-stipendiary ministry in the Church of England: a history of the development of an idea
Vaughan, P.H., Ph.D. (1987), Nottingham