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The town of Nottingham in the 14th century
Hart, T.P., Ph.D. (1986), Nottingham (Storey, R.L.)
Transportation policy formation in Detroit, 1945-85
Neill, W.J.V., Ph.D. (1986), Nottingham
The growth of published and professional fiction writing by women before Jane Austen [from 1696]: its causes and changing characteristics
Turner, Cheryl L., Ph.D. (1986), Nottingham (Meller, Helen E.; Rodway, A.E.)
The Nottinghamshire landowners and their estates, c.1660-c.1840
Aley, Sheila, Ph.D. (1985), Nottingham (Beckett, J.V.)
Policy implementation in housing: a study of the experience of Portsmouth and Derby, 1945-74
Cook, J.A., Ph.D. (1985), Nottingham
Three Norfolk estates [North Elmham, Sedgeford and Saxthorpe]: a study of their development and economic performance
Griffiths. , G.R., M.Phil. (1985), Nottingham (Dixon, P.W.)
Aspects of pagan/Christian relations in the first four centuries of the Christian era, with special reference to Origen: a study in church growth
Insley, M.G.P., M.Phil. (1985), Nottingham
The evolution of the hand stocking frame in response to market forces during the period of rapid economic and social change, 1750-1815
Lewis, Peta M., M.Phil. (1985), Nottingham (Chapman, S.D.)
Army contracting, banking and coal mining: a business history of the Lowes of Denby, 1750-1830
Smith. , D.J., Ph.D. (1985), Nottingham (Chapman, S.D.)
Thurgarton priory, Nottinghamshire, and its benefactors, with an edition of the cartulary
Foulds. , T., Ph.D. (1984), Nottingham (Storey, R.L.)
Foreigners and religious liberty in 19th-century Chile
Pytches, G.E.D., M.Phil. (1984), Nottingham
The reconstruction of open field layout from landscape evidence in Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire
Upex, S., Ph.D. (1984), Nottingham (Smith, Catherine Delano)
Medieval pottery from N. Lincolnshire
Hayfield, C.C., Ph.D. (1983), Nottingham (Dixon, P.W.)
Building industry employers' and trades' associations, 1833-84
Houldsworth, H.K., M.Phil. (1983), Nottingham
Politics, religion and the personnel of politics in Nottingham, 1642-88
Lloyd, Patricia A., M.Phil. (1983), Nottingham (Seddon, P.R.)
The development and design of miners' housing, 1750-1939, with special reference to coal production
Rhodes, E., Ph.D. (1983), Nottingham
Paying the piper: a study of the evolution of the University Grants Committee in respect of the English university institutions between 1919 and 1946
Shinn, C.H., Ph.D. (1983), Nottingham
Social geography of Victorian Nottingham, 1851-71
Donbavand, R.M., Ph.D. (1982), Nottingham (Giggs, J.; Smith, Catherine Delano)
Working-class learning and leisure in 19th-century Loughborough
Hughes, M., M.Phil. (1982), Nottingham
The professionalization of economics in Britain, 1870-1914
Maloney. , J., Ph.D. (1982), Nottingham (Coats, A.W.)