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The development of Anglican evangelicalism in London 1736-1836 with special reference to the Revd. John Newton.
Pytches, Revd. Peter N.L., M.Phil. (2007), Open University
International law at sea, economic warfare and Britain's response to the German U-boat campaign.
Russell, Bruce, Ph.D. (2007), Open University
Parish constables versus police constables: policing early 19th-century Essex.
Scollan, Maureen, Ph.D. (2007), Open University
The development of the new police in the Scottish borders, c.1840-99.
Smale, David, Ph.D. (2007), Open University (Donnachie, Ian L.; Emsley, Clive)
The local implementation of the Sale of Food and Drugs Act (1875).
Brian, Janet, Ph.D. (2006), Open University
‘The folly of generalisation’: infant mortality in Loughborough, Leicestershire, 1888-1910.
Cattell, Norma A., Ph.D. (2006), Open University
The life and work of Major Percy Alexander MacMahon.
Garcia, Paul, Ph.D. (2006), Open University
The origins and early development of the parochial system in the Orkney earldom.
Gibbon, Sarah J., Ph.D. (2006), Open University
The English model of chemical education in Meiji Japan: transfer and acculturation.
Kikuchi, Yoshiyuki, Ph.D. (2006), Open University
Television and the cultural revolution: the B.B.C. under Hugh Carleton Greene.
Waymark, Peter, Ph.D. (2006), Open University
Women engineers in post-war Britain.
Wray, Lesley, Ph.D. (2006), Open University
The evolution of modern management in Britain, 1852-1979.
Brech, Edward F.L., D.Litt. (2005), Open University
The royal burgh of Peebles in the 19th century: the impact of a locally organised railway on a moribund Scottish county town.
Duncan, John S., Ph.D. (2005), Open University (Chant, Colin W.; Falconer, Isobel)
Chemistry and the British railway industry, 1830-1923.
Hudson, John, Ph.D. (2005), Open University (Russell, Colin A.; Roberts, Gerrylynn K.)
The early careers of Glasgow medical graduates in the second half of the 19th century.
MacKeith, John S., M.Phil. (2005), Open University (Brunton, Deborah; Goodman, David C.)
Three French writers, the Académie Française and experience of Vichy.
Peel, Patsy, Ph.D. (2005), Open University (Lentin, Anthony)
British electric tramcar design, 1900-62.
Pender, Karen J., Ph.D. (2005), Open University (Chant, Colin W.)
The impact of the evacuation and occupation experience, 1940-5, on the lives and relationships of Guernsey children and Guernsey society.
Smith, Corral A., Ph.D. (2005), Open University
Financing Roman trade and industry.
Jones, David F., Ph.D. (2004), Open University
The formative years of boys' Catholic secondary education in Bristol, with particular reference to the Irish Christian Brothers' College, Berkeley Square, Bristol, 1890-1918.
Howell, Brian, Ph.D. (2003), Open University (McClelland, V. Alan)