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European urbanism in Caracas, 1870s-1930s.
Almandoz Marte, Arturo, Ph.D. (1996), Open University
Christiaan Huygens: a foreign inventor in the court of Louis XIV - his role as a forerunner of mechanical engineering.
Marconell, M. Helena, Ph.D. (1996), Open University (Goodman, David C.; Hackmann, W.)
The emergence of modern civil police in Scotland: a case study of the police and systems of police in Edinburghshire, 1800-33.
McGowan, John, Ph.D. (1996), Open University (Emsley, Clive)
Voting behaviour in Winchester, 1832-68.
Slade, David D.J., M.Phil. (1996), Open University
Liberty, loyalty and locality: the discourses of loyalism in England, 1790-1815.
Watson, Katrina K., Ph.D. (1996), Open University (Emsley, Clive)
The English boys' boarding preparatory school, 1914-40.
Austin, J.E., Ph.D. (1995), Open University
The metamorphosis of Battersea, 1800-1914.
Bailey, Keith A., Ph.D. (1995), Open University (Englander, D.)
The history of Rio de Janeiro's police.
Bretas, Marcos L., Ph.D. (1995), Open University (Emsley, C.)
Nineteenth-century craftsmen and tradesmen in Hertfordshire: a spatial, economic and social study of self-sufficiency.
Crompton, C.A., Ph.D. (1995), Open University
War and social change: a study of a Scottish burgh, 1910-22.
Harding, Albert W., M.Phil. (1995), Open University (Donnachie, Ian L.)
The role of the gas industry within the chemical industry, with particular reference to the London lower riverside.
Mills, Mary, Ph.D. (1995), Open University (Roberts, Gerrylynn K.)
The role of the Ministry of Defence in influencing the commercial importance of the British semiconductor industry.
Morris, P. Robin, Ph.D. (1995), Open University (Gorham, D.A.; Roberts, Gerrylynn K.; Buchanan, R.A.)
Britain and Menorca in the 18th century.
Donaldson, David W., Ph.D. (1994), Open University (Emsley, C.; Jones, C.)
The role of the police and other law enforcement agencies in the application of the law relating to popular disturbances in central Scotland, 1850-1914.
Dove, H. Mervyn, M.Phil. (1994), Open University (Emsley, C.)
Railwaymen in the North East of England, 1890-1930: industrial and political attitudes and policies.
Francis, Lawson, Ph.D. (1994), Open University (Purdue, A. William)
An enquiry into the relations between the management and the workforce of Truman, Hanbury and Buxton in the inter-war period.
Stark, H.M., M.Phil. (1994), Open University (Donnachie, I.L.; Daunton, M.J.)
An enquiry into the relations between management and workforce of Truman, Hambury and Buxton in the inter-war period.
Stark, Hilary, Ph.D. (1994), Open University (Daunton, M.J.; Donnachie, I.L.)
Policing rural Ireland: a study of the origins, development and role of the Irish Constabulary and its impact on crime prevention and detection in the 19th century.
Bridgeman, Ian R., Ph.D. (1993), Open University (Emsley, C.)
Ultramarine: a case study in the relationship between industry, science and technology, with particular reference to the firm of Reckitt & Sons, and their successors.
Chicken, Eric, Ph.D. (1993), Open University (Russell, C.A.)
For the public good: Henry Cole, his circle and the development of the South Kensington estate.
Cooper, Ann, Ph.D. (1993), Open University (Roberts, Gerrylynn K.)